Remnant 2 Tips: How to Get The Abrasive Whetstone Amulet

How to Get The Abrasive Whetstone Amulet: In Remnant 2, the gamer spends hundreds of hours of gameplay, there will be lost of thing to discover.

From the weapon, items, and even additional character classes, players will have a hard time not finding something new each time they enter of the game’s worlds.

The Abrasive Whetstone has some solid offensive capabilities and is in a relatively easy place to find.

WHile this bodes well for players who seek the item, they need to ensure they are in the right place at the right time to acquire it.

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The location of the Abrasive Whetstone is simple to find, as it originates in the base in Remnant 2, Ward 13.

Players will find the amulet with the vendor Cass, who players rescue in the opening stages of the main storyline.

While it is easy to locate Cass, the true challenge lies in speaking to her at a time when she has the Abrasive Whetstone in stock.

Cass’ store, by its nature, constantly rotates its stock, so it is rare to see the same layout of items after leaving Ward 13 and returning.

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As such, there is no guarantee that the item will be in Class’ possession when at the base, so players should either leave and return a few times until it pops up, or continue playing through Remnant 2 and visit the vendor whenever they return to Ward 13.

The Abrasive Whetstone is one of Remnant 2’s more useful offensive items that will provide players with a boost in critical damage for enemies that are bleeding. For players opting for a bleed-forward build, this item is a must-have to create an even more potent sequence of attacks.

With the Abrasive Whetstone equipped, players will be granted a 15% increase in critical hit chance, as well as a 30% increase in the amount of critical damage dealt to bleeding enemies. This will greatly benefit players using effective bleeding Archetypes like the Gunslinger or Challenger as well as those who use bleeding weapons such as the Merciless long gun.

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Chanchal Bishwas

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