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Remnant 2 Tips: How to Get The Crescent Moon Bow



Remnant 2 Tips How to Get The Crescent Moon Bow

Remnant 2 How to Get The Crescent Moon Bow: In Remnant 2, Bows are a new archtype of weapon and, as many players expect, they hit extremely hard when used correctly.

Interestingly, every bow in the game is hidden, and the more exotic options under this category are both tucked away behind elaborate secrets.

It’s a special weapon that comes with a unique Mod players won’t find anywhere else. It may not have the versatility of the regular Royal Hunting Bow, but it performs exceptionally well at the job it’s meant to do: keep its user alive.

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This weapon is imbued with Fae magic from the realm of Losomn. Players can roll with either the Beatific Palace or Morrow Parish and still be able to find this bow. However, make sure to have the Dreamcatcher staff first, as the Crescent Moon Bow will be impossible to get without it.

For a quick refresher, the Dreamcatcher is a melee weapon that can be obtained by collecting all three stone dolls in the Morrow Parish’s mental asylum.

Collect the dolls, give it to Doctor Morrow in the basement, and open the door using the Prison Cell Key.

Then, pick up the Nightweaver Stone Doll and bring it to the web in the asylum’s basement inside the Nightweaver’s shadow realm.

After collecting Dreamcatcher, equip it and go to Nimue’s Rest. If players have spoken to her before, they can sometimes be seen sleeping.

Crouch down and slowly approach her, then attack the hazy dream cloud in front of her using Dreamcatcher. This will give players the Nimue’s Dream consumable.

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Use it from the quickbar to reach Retreat’s Horizon, an endless, moonlit void born from Nimue’s dreams. This process is similar to the one used to unlock the Invader.

From here, run toward the light of the nebula and keep an eye out for an item. This item is Anamy’s Echo, a crafting material that can be given to McCabe and transformed into the Crescent Moon Bow.

The bow comes with the Moonlight Barrage Mod, which causes hits to mark enemies with Moonlight. Hitting Moonlight-marked enemies restores health to the player.

Fully-charged shots while Moonlight Barrage is active causes Crescent Moon to fire two arrows at a time and refund one arrow after each successful hit.

This effect is active for 15 seconds, and players need to build up 1250 Mod Power in order to use it again.



PUBG Update 30.2: PUBG Update 30.2 Brings Lamborghini To The Game



PUBG Update 30.2 Brings Lamborghini To The Game

PUBG Update 30.2 Brings Lamborghini To The Game: PUBG recently revealed the latest update 30.2 on PC, bringing several changes and updates to the utilities, gameplay, modes, and more.

PUBG developer also announced its collaboration with Automobil Lamborghini.

A car container will be accessible on the beginning islands of maps, including Erangle, Miramar, Sanhok, and others, as part of the collaboration. Consoles will get the most recent updates with a maintenance window starting next week, after the PC release.

These modifications are applicable to both Custom Match and Normal Match.

There are now three attachment slots instead of the previous two. Primary Weapons is the inventory slot that is selected.

EMT Gear

Inventory slot: Primary Weapons

The usage time of the following heal items has been reduced

Med Kit – 4 seconds

First Aid Kit – 3 seconds

Bandage – 2 seconds

Battle Read Kit – 4 seconds

The teammate revival speed has been changed from 8 seconds to 5 seconds.

All-In-One Repair Kit

Inventory slot: Secondary Weapons

The repair kit can now be utilized up to 3 times (previously 10 times).

Spawn Changes

All-In-One Repair Kit, Tactical Pack, and EMT Gear now spawn in all maps (Normal Match and Custom Match).

Lamborghini collaboration:

Players may now locate a special Automobili Lamborghini container on the beginning islands of Erangle, Miramar, Sanhok, Vikendi, Taego, Deston, and Rondo thanks to PUBG’s most recent partnership with Lamborghini.

Those who own Automobili Lamborghini skins can open the container. There are three modes available: Causal Mode, Ranked, and Normal Match. For a period of two months, Automobili Lamborghini containers are offered.

Other than this, PUBG has also enhanced the vehicle customization options in the latest update. For each type of vehicle, you may now equip up to 4 vehicle skins: 3 Special Vehicle skins and 1 non-special Vehicle skin.

Inventory changes:

Payers may now view the availability, remaining quantity, and cooldown of goods in your inventory as well as those on the floor thanks to the most recent improvements.

Furthermore, even if the gear you see on the ground is identical to your existing gear, the open with greater durability will be emphasized.

Additionally, even if the lootable gear is a little bit distant from you, it will now all be highlighted. Furthermore, when a Level 2 Backpack is equipped, the Jammer Pack will also be highlighted.

The UI of the inventory has been changed to make it easily visible when adding multiple items to it. There are also some other suggestions for UI changes in the inventory.


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PUBG Mobile: How to Master Gyroscope Control in PUBG Mobile



PUBG Mobile: How to Master Gyroscope Control in PUBG Mobile

How to Master Gyroscope Control in PUBG Mobile: If you want to be a master in PUBG Mobile, It can be quite challenging. The battle royal game is packed with features that can be tough to handle and navigate.

One setting players need to focus on for an edge in the game is gyroscope controls. Master gyroscope controls is PUBG Mobile and master the battlefield.

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Here are many tips to be a master in gyroscope controls in PUBG Mobile:

Start with gyroscope controls:

Start low and go slow! Adjust gyroscope sensitivity for comfort, gradually increasing it as you get used to the controls.

Get a feel for the gyroscope movements:

Gyroscope controls let you aim and navigate around the game using the actual motions of your device. All you have to do is tilt your smartphone in the desired direction to aim or gaze. Try out different tilting motions to see how little changes may have a big impact on your gaming.

Sharpen your crosshair:

A benefit of gyroscope controls is improved precision in aiming. To increase target tracking and accuracy, use gyroscope motions into your aiming approach. Continuously practice enhancing your accuracy and reaction time, particularly during intense battles.

Master recoil control:

In PUBG Mobile, controlling recoil is essential to preserving accuracy during fighting. Gyroscope controls allow for accurate adjustments to be made while shooting, which can help reduce recoil. Experiment with different patterns and practice using the gyroscope to effectively counter recoil.

Optimize gyroscope sensitivity:

Learning the best sensitivity settings is crucial to become proficient with gyroscope controls. Adjust the settings to your desired level of comfort and playstyle. Adjust the sensitivity to create a smoother gameplay experience by finding a balance between quick movements and precise aim.

Consistently practice:

Gaining proficiency with gyroscope controls in PUBG Mobile requires regular practice. Set aside time to practice moving the gyroscope in various situations, such close quarters fighting and long-range shooting. You may build accurate movement muscle memory with regular exercise.

Make use of the gyroscope for movement:

Gyroscope controls in PUBG Mobile might let you move more fluidly in addition to aiming. Make better use of it for strafing, peeping around corners, and traversing terrain. Including gyroscope controls in your movement plan can provide you a competitive advantage.

Control your nerves for the win:

It’s critical to maintain composure and concentration when using gyroscope controls, particularly during stressful situations. Aim for accuracy and refrain from making rash movements. Maintaining precision and control is key to use the gyroscope effectively.

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