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How to Enable/Disable Wireless Emergency Alert on Android Device



How to Enable/Disable Wireless Emergency Alert on Android Device

How to Enable/Disable Wireless Emergency Alert on Android Device: The Indian government working with Department of Telecommunication has reportedly started testing the emergency alert system in India.

Many users from across the country have received a test alert today on their Android smartphones.

Emergency alerts are a part of the emergency notification system that can be used by the government with the help of the telecom department to notify users about an upcoming natural disaster or in case of emergencies.

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This will help save people’s life by alerting them in advance or during the calamity.

Now, this not only comes in handy in situations like natural disasters, but also during a war or other sort of emergencies as well. It could have also come in handy in circulating information and warning during Covid.

Think of it as an alternative to radio or TV emergency broadcast, but for smartphones. And, it all makes sense as smartphones have become more relevant compared to TV or radio.

How to Enable Wireless Emergency Alert on Android Device

Open Settings on your smartphone

Scroll down and tap on Safety and emergency option

Now, look for Wireless emergency alerts option

Check if Allow alerts toggle is turned on or not. If it is not, then enable the toggle

If it is turned on, check if all the alert types are enabled. This includes Extreme threats, Severe threats (this is the one government is testing right now), AMBER alerts, Test alerts and Area update broadcasts. If they are not turned on, enable them all to receive any type of alerts or broadcast on your phone.

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GTA: How to Get 2X GTA$ & RP From Dr. Dre’s The Data Leaks VIP Contract



GTA: How to Get 2X GTA$ & RP From Dr. Dre's The Data Leaks VIP Contract

How to Get 2X GTA$ & RP From Dr. Dre’s The Data Leaks VIP Contract: Helping Dr. Dre in solving the ‘The Data Leaks’ case gives you an excellent chance to earn double GTA$ and RP. Check The Contract’s Finale in GTA Online to learn how to make this straightforward money. This contract has a time limit and is effective from June 13 to June 19, 2024.

The Data Leaks Missions:

GTA Online users can win up to GTA$ 2 million with this weekly update by finishing a series of objectives in Dr. Dre’s The Data Leaks. To complete this contract with Dr. Dre and receive twice GTA money and RP, complete the following missions.

  • On Course
  • Setup: Data Recovery
  • The Data Leaks (Nightlife Leak, High Society Leak, and South Central Leak)
  • Studio Time
  • Finale

This contract can make you become a millionaire after finishing it. But you must invest in it by purchasing the GTA Online Agency to unlock the mission set.

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How To Complete The Data Leaks:

It’s time to finish this GTA$ 2 million VIP contract within the weekly update once you obtain GTA Online Agency. After purchasing GTA Online Agency, there are assignments to be completed for Security Contracts. To access the ‘The Data Leaks‘ case, use your in-game phone and choose Quick Join > Contact Missions > Short Trip.

Go to the golf course to meet the client.
Complete the first mission titled ‘On Course’ by intimidating and fighting some golfers.
Wait for Franklin’s phone call.
Head to your Agency to get the task of sneaking into the FIB building to steal data about the location of Dr. Dre’s stolen cellphone.
Track down three copies of the stolen phones in the following locations:

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  • At a party in The Diamond Casino & Resort;
  • After shooting down the billionaire either in Lago Zancudo or in his private yacht offshore Fort Zancudo;
  • Kill the Vagos leader in Rancho.

After retrieving three copies of Dre’s phones, drive back to your Agency.
Then, drive Dre’s black car to the Studio, fight off all enemies outside the building, and enter the studio.
Go to find Johnny in the Railway Station, defeat gunmen there, and head to Los Santos International Airport to stop Johny from getting on a plane to escape. Next, knock down Johnny in the Hangar. Drag the incapacitated Johnny outside to see Dr. Dre.

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The Data Leaks Rewards:

You receive GTA$ 1,000,000 with this VIP contract. Additionally, if you finish the contract during the GTA Online Weekly Update period, you will receive a bonus of GTA$ 100,000. Don’t pass up this fantastic opportunity to earn millions of GTA money before to the 2024 GTA Online Summer Update.


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How to Stop Receiving Marketing messages from WhatsApp Business?



How to Stop Receiving Marketing messages from WhatsApp Business?

How to Stop Receiving Marketing Message from WhatsApp Business: Many Indian companies have started using WhatsApp to send promotional messages, which has left users’ inboxes overflowing with messages.

Concurrently, measures are being taken by the government to implement more stringent policies in order to counter corporate spamming.

WhatsApp is becoming a more and more popular communication tool for businesses. It may be used for a wide range of tasks, such transaction updates, ticket confirmations, and marketing campaigns. This shift indicates a break from their usage of SMS for these objectives.

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Additionally, WhatsApp has added features that provide users more control over how they communicate with one another on the network.

Therefore, unless customers explicitly accept to be contacted by opting in to chat, companies are unable to have continuous interactions with them. This provision guarantees the autonomy of users to efficiently govern their communication channels.

Upon receiving the initial message from a business, users are presented with three interaction options:

This action adds the business to the Blocked contacts list. Once blocked, the business cannot directly message the user, although they retain access to their business profile and catalogue.

Users have the option to report a business if they believe it is violating WhatsApp Business Messaging Policy.

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Users may select this option to maintain ongoing communication with the business. Additionally, users can opt in by initiating a message to the business.

How to stop receiving marketing messages from a WhatsApp Business account?

Some companies may provide users with the option to opt out of receiving marketing communications by clicking the “Opt out of marketing messages” button on the chat window.

By choosing this option, you may let the company know that you would like your WhatsApp number to be taken off of their marketing distribution lists.

Users still have the ability to ban the company if this function isn’t working or isn’t available at all. It’s crucial to remember, though, that if you stop a business from contacting you, you can’t message that firm back.

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