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Remnant 2 Beginner Guide: 10 Beginner Tips



Remnant 2 Beginner Guide: 10 Beginner Tips

Remnant 2 10 Beginner Tips: In Remnant 2, confusion and horror are coming back. This action-packed sequel to the first third-person shooter brings you to the strange worlds and twisted landscapes of that popular red crystal. It’s an issue for any explorer in these odd regions, keeping to that typical Souls-like approach where death respawns once you and the enemy list in the area.

The gamer who are not familiar with the series, it can be quite a learning curve, especially with how they handle their roguelike elements, as it’s easy to miss out on content if you weren’t aware of it.

Here are some essential beginner tips for Remnant 2 to provide you with as much knowledge as you may require to give yourselves that extra edge in your interdimensional adventures.

When possible, bring a friend:

Like the original, Remnant 2, can be played by just a single individual or in co-op with up to three players at once. While having someone else is not required, having a second gun that can guard your back can be crucial. In addition, in collaborative multiplayer, your teammates can bring you again to life. While this requires a Dragon Heart, it is superior than reloading to the next crystal checkpoint and beginning over.

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An extra selling point to pairing up with your pals is that it allows you to cover more ground, so you’ll hoover up extra loot faster and have a higher chance of finding treasure you would normally miss.

However, the enemy difficulty scales to the strongest member in the party, so make sure you’re all roughly around the same level, otherwise, you could hit a brutal wall or a potential soft-lock situation.

Keep In Mind To Rest At Crystals:

Although it may be apparent frequently stop at crystals to rest is absolutely required, especially if you’re traveling across an area quickly. The community of the area is repopulated by these checkpoints every time you rest, but it’s really only a little annoyance.

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While your inventory will be loaded with healing supplies later on, resting restores your Dragon Hearts and is quite helpful early on. Additionally, it replenishes your ammo, which is always useful when you’re deep in a level and are out of major heals or ammo. You ought to allow some time to rest after activating a new crystal because you never know when you’ll need it.

Melee Is Effective Now:

In the last Remnant game, melee attacks would lock you into a swinging animation that could only move in one direction. As a result, you would frequently store it for times when you were out of ammo or were confronted by rubbish gangs that could be destroyed with one shot.

Now that melee is instead useful—despite not being recommended on opponent types that are beneath the effects of a status condition, like burning—it’s a reliable means for killing any monsters that approach too closely. There are a lot of different melee weapons to select from, and just like guns, these weapons may be upgraded.

Everybody starts out differently:

Each player starts a new game and discovers the Hub in a completely random location, which is a component of Remnant 2 that may surprise many first-timers. The type of planet you start your quest on is entirely up to chance because the game is a roguelike and everyone doesn’t play through the same “starter world”.

Revisit The Hub Often:

When playing Remnant 2, visitors should be taught the basic principle that they should take every opportunity to return to the Hub in between checkpoints. Resources and crafting materials exist on the different worlds you’ll travel. And you can use them to buy Brabus’ new, powerful weapons or valuable upgrades.

This is especially true after boss fights as they’ll often drop an extremely rare crafting part that you can shove into your guns for new abilities. It’s also very easy to grind up what you need if you’re short, so never feel bad about taking some time out of your adventures to visit the NPCs back at the base.

Never neglect mods:

If you haven’t attached a mod to your weapon, you’re going to be in for a bit of a tough time. There are some great modifications that can absolutely trivialize some enemy types and others, like a healing projectile, that can take the strain off some of your more important resources.

Stop depending on the dragon heart:

In Remnant 2, the primary heal is the Dragon Heart. Consider the Estus Flask from Dark Souls: it can only be refreshed at Crystal Checkpoints, has a limited number of refills, and costs a little money to upgrade. Additionally, using it requires a somewhat slow animation, which may expose you to cheap shots at the worst possible time.

Customize Your Dragon Heart:

On the topic of Dragon Hearts, Wally can also upgrade the number of charges the Heart holds. You only start with three, but for a Lumenite Crystal. You can upgrade the charges by one and you’ll definitely need more the further you get into the game

How To Spot A Boss Fight:

It may seem like an overly simple tip that veteran players might not need. But you would be surprised how easy it is to still blindly walk into a boss fight unprepared in Remnant 2. Thankfully they’re incredibly easy to spot as there’s a specific layout to the level that the game places them in.

Multi-Class That Character:

Finally, one last crucial piece of information worth knowing going into Remnant 2 is that you really should equip a Secondary Archetype. These are essentially multi-class roles that unlock once you power up your current character to level 10.

When that happens you can equip a Secondary Archetype by visiting Wally which basically gives you the abilities of another class, minus the Prime Perk bonus. So for example you could mix the elemental buffs of the Alchemist with the tanky Challenger. Or the healing bursts of the Medic with a bullet-spewing Gunslinger. It’s a unique and incredibly useful mechanic that’s honestly mandatory. If you plan on playing on the higher difficulty settings as it substantially boosts your strength and usefulness in a fight.

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Steps to Turn GTA San Andreas into GTA 5 With Mods



Steps to Turn GTA San Andreas into GTA 5 With Mods

Steps to Turn GTA San Andreas into GTA 5 With Mods: Even after two decades, Rockstar’s GTA San Andreas is still fun, especially with modifications. In truth, the most recent Grand Theft Auto game, GTA 5, and San Andreas have been somewhat reconciled by modders. This might sound like a lot, and it would have been a few years ago, but with the various mods available now, it is achievable.

Here are the list of mods you need and what they do:


A map hack that transfers the Grand Theft Auto 5 map to San Andreas is the first item you’ll need. Although the title of the video above isn’t stated, we may presume that it’s Grand Theft Auto: ViSA. Please take note that this mod is not flawless and was last updated in 2016. The map has multiple undetectable gaps, and there are glitches in the NPC and traffic pathing.


To enhance the visuals, you may install the DirectX 3.0 mod, which brings genuine godray lighting, better reflections, and even volumetric clouds.

The rain effect on the mod is what stands out the most. The puddle reflections are highly convincing, and the storm clouds and ripples are incredibly lifelike. The mod’s application of a shiny appearance to vehicles—like the Hydra—that aren’t meant to have one is a disadvantage.


The most important aspect of any Grand Theft Auto game is its automobile fleet, which can be upgraded with a car pack that introduces multiple GTA 5 automobiles to San Andreas.

Now, this category has a variety of modifications, so pick the one you like most. Additionally, you have the option to add some of the new vehicles, such as the GTA Online Turismo Omaggio.

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There are no packs that have been updated with the newest online automobiles, thus they must be individually installed.

Additionally, you have the option to apply a handling mod. Realistic Handling v6.91 is the most often used option among the several available.

Skins and animations:

Without the heroes, converting San Andreas to Grand Theft Auto 5 wouldn’t be complete. All three of the main characters—Michael, Trevor, and Franklin—have skin modifications available, although they won’t appear in the game world simultaneously. The title will also seem more contemporary if you use an animation mod like Natural Parkour Animation Pack.


The HUD mod by DK22Pac is more reliable and has less bugs, however the GTA V HUD mod by _AG is the most accurate for San Andreas.

The former attempts to replace all menus and UI elements with that of Grand Theft Auto 5, such as the main menu, store menus, the weapon radar, the mobile, and even the black and white map. The latter instead only uses a square radar, a circular weapon wheel, and some stat menus like that of Grand Theft Auto 5.

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To simulate a real Grand Theft Auto 5 experience, you should install a first-person camera mod. First Person V3.0 (Fixed) is the finest option available.


Ragdoll physics is used in the more recent Grand Theft Auto games, and Ragdoll Bullet Physics is a way to apply this to San Andreas. Regretfully, this mod is limited to NPC peds and does not function on any other items or the player character.

Others Mods:

Lastly, in order to turn Grand Theft Auto San Andreas into Grand Theft Auto 5, you may also apply some more modifications.

For example, there are several weapon texture packs and a plethora of other optional modifications that enhance gameplay.

MixMods has a section devoted to conversion modifications, where you can discover a long range of functional mods.

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GTA Online: How to Unlock Free Ocelot Virtue as GTA Online Beginner in 2024



How to Unlock Free Ocelot Virtue as GTA Online Beginner in 2024

How to Unlock Free Ocelot Virtue as GTA Online Beginner in 2024: In Grand Theft Auto Online, the Ocelot Virtue is a supercar that is available for free. For players to maintain the automobile in their garages, you must first unlock it.

March 2023 marked the release of the Ocelot Virtue to the multiplayer game as a part of the Los Santos Drug Wars DLC. Many players struggle to locate a hint, but those who were active at the time know how to obtain it.

After finishing the tasks in the Last Dose series, players may find a hidden gem called the GTA Online Ocelot Virtue, which they can obtain for free. There is a catch, though, and in order to access it, gamers must understand the entire process.

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Although it is the main prize for doing the Last Dose missions, in order to begin the Last Dose, you must first finish the tasks in the First Dose series. The missions that need to be finished are listed as follows:

First Dose:

First Dose 1 – Welcome to the Troupe
First Dose 2 – Designated Driver
First Dose 3 – Fatal Incursion
First Dose 4 – Uncontrolled Substance
First Dose 5 – Make War not Love
First Dose 6 – Off the Rails

Last Dose:

Last Dose 1 – This is an Intervention
Last Dose 2 – Unusual Suspects
Last Dose 3 – Friedmind
Last Dose 4 – Checking In
Last Dose 5 – BDKD

To get the car, all of these tasks—including the GTA Online Last Dose missions—must be finished. Once you complete the BDKD mission, you’ll get a phone call from Dax, informing you that you can pick up Dr. Isaiah Friedlander’s Ocetor Virtue from a parking lot near the Eclipse Medical Tower.

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The Ocelot Virtue is one of the fastest cars in GTA Online, with a top speed of 119.25 mph (191.91 km/h). Rockstar Games also offers Imani Tech Upgrades, which will enable the car to withstand up to 12 homing missiles. Therefore, every Grand Theft Auto Online player must get their free Ocelot Virtue in 2024.


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