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Remnant 2 Tips: 5 Best Boss DPS Weapons in Remnant 2



5 Best Boss DPS Weapons in Remnant 2

5 Best Boss DPS Weapons in Remnant 2: In Remnant 2, boss fights are especially difficult, and you’ll need the best boss DPS weapons to survive them. Thankfully, the game has a huge selection of weapons that let you personalize your boss battle experience. These choices include special mods that provide extra skills; picking the right weapon to add to your arsenal depends on these mods.

Finding the best boss DPS weapons might be difficult because there are about 80 different options available. This tutorial will go into detail about the top five weapons for dealing high damage-per-second (DPS) to bosses, ensuring that you are well-equipped to handle even the most difficult battles.

Top 5 best boss DPS weapons in Remnant 2?


Kicking off our list is Deceit, a long gun that truly lives up to its name by deceiving enemies with explosive rounds. This weapon’s ability to deal splash damage to foes, coupled with its staggering effect, makes it a prime choice for boss battles.

In Remnant 2, Deceit’s versatility extends further with its mod slot, which can be equipped with Ouroboros mod. This summons three sword fragments that enable the wielder to perform a melee attack, causing their damage to register as Weakspot hits for a period of time.


Next up is the Stonebreaker, a short-range weapon that embodies brute force. If up-close and personal combat is your preference, the Stonebreaker is your best choice. Its high damage output and chance to inflict bleeding on enemies make it a formidable choice for boss battles.

What sets the Stonebreaker apart is its ability to unleash shockwaves through the Faultline weapon mod. Each wave deals 115 damage, and the best part is it doesn’t even have a cooldown. This extra punch can turn the tide of battle in your favor, especially when targeting the boss’ weak points.


Sheer firepower and crazy-high fire rate take center stage with the Nightfall, a handgun that unleashes high-damage hardened bone shards with incredible accuracy. What makes the Nightfall a standout choice for boss DPS is its unique ability to pierce enemies, reach weak spots, and deal bonus damage.

The included Dreadwalker mod basically transforms you into a deadly machine gun with infinite ammo and a 35% increased fire rate. As if this isn’t powerful enough, it also grants 10% life steal to the weapon. This combination of precision and penetration makes the Nightfall an essential tool for taking down even the toughest bosses.


If you are into the best boss DPS weapon with a futuristic, sleek design and explosive potential, the Aphelion is up your alley.

Currently one of the best boss DPS weapons and acquired by defeating the Sha’hala Guardian boss in N’erud, the Aphelion boasts the Supernova mod. This unique mod creates a moving flare that engulfs enemies in flames upon contact, dealing 150 Fire Damage upon explosion and 350 Burning damage over 10 seconds to all enemies within four meters.

Alpha Omega:

Last but certainly not least, the Alpha Omega claims its place as one of the best boss DPS weapons in Remnant 2. This pulse rifle, acquired by defeating the campaign’s final boss, boasts a unique firing mechanism. Holding down the trigger unleashes a burst of five energy bolts, each successive hit reducing the charge time.

The Alpha Omega’s Beta Ray mod creates Brands on targets, which detonate upon reloading or swapping weapons, resulting in explosive 22 damage. You can apply up to three additional Brands which deal 50% damage. Moreover, you get 5-15% of your ammo back by eliminating enemies.

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Remnant 2 Tips: How to Get The Chimney Purple Item (Downward Spiral Amulet)



How to Get The Chimney Purple Item

Remnant 2 Tips How to Get The Chimney Purple Item: In Remnant 2, game is a dungeon called The Chimney that players could come upon when exploring Yaesha’s land.

Fans might observe that there is a purple object on the map when they get to the end of this dungeon, but if they walk there, they will not find anything.

While this situation can be a little annoying, getting the purple item in Remnant 2’s The Chimney dungeon is actually not that tough, and this guide is here to take players through it.

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Players who find themselves at The Chimney may be confused as to why there is an unusual Purple Item shown on the map but that they are able to find when examining the area.

Thankfully, if players know how to release the odd thing, it’s not difficult to find the Purple Item in The Chimney in Remnant 2. Players can obtain the Downward Spiral Amulet if they know where to look (and shoot).

If a player has completed The Chimney dungeon, they should start by climbing the spiral to the spot indicated by the purple item.

Those who keep going in the direction of Soulslike will soon come across a root bridge, and they ought to position themselves close to its core.

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The precise location of the glowing orb against the far wall may be seen in the pictures below. Players should look to the right and slightly above to find it.

Once the orb has been located, players should simply shoot it with any gun in Remnant 2. This will cause the purple item to fall, and fans should descend the spiral to collect the Downward Spiral amulet from the ground.

For those players that are curious, this item increases Fire Rate by 10% and Melee Attack Speed by 15% when equipped, and it also grants additional Ranged and Melee Damage at a rate that is determined by how much health the hero is missing.

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This purple item is not the only “secret” that players should be on the lookout for while exploring The Chimney, as there are several special events that have chance to appear in this Remnant 2 dungeon.

Open Coffin: Fans may find a large open coffin in the center of a square room in The Chimney, and they can jump into it. Performing this action will allow players to obtain the Berserker’s Crest ring and the Extender mutator.

Illusory Wall: There will occasionally be a small room with a coffin that can be looted in The Chimney. The wall next to that coffin is illusory, and the path beyond it will lead players to the Tomb Dweller’s Ring and Necklace of Flowing Life amulet.

Tomb: Players that encounters a room with four large statutes on the pillars in its center should shoot their glowing faces to destroy them. This will reveal a path into a tomb in which Remnant 2 players can obtain the Lithic Signet ring.

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PUBG Mobile Tips: How to Survive and get Chicken Dinner for Zombie’s Edge Elite Agent Mode



How to Survive and get Chicken Dinner for Zombie's Edge Elite Agent Mode

How to Survive and get Chicken Dinner for Zombie’s Edge Elite Agent Mode: The Zombie mode will return in PUBG Mobile 2.8. The theme mode for this update will be Zombie’s Edge: Elite Agent. Let’s look at some strategies for surviving and obtaining Chicken Dinner in this interesting time-limited game mode.

Investigate Aerolith Lab:

The energy of Aerolith changed the earth around this site, turning the region into a barren wasteland. Nobody or anything can live here and survive. In this lab, you could find plenty of supplies to help you survive. However, watch out for dangerous changes that could damage or even kill you.

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But right away as you enter this area, you’ll immediately get a Respawn Card, which grants you an extra match life. In this lab, if a player is incorrectly slain by mutants or living things, he still gets another chance to return to the battle.

Rage Berserker in Aerolith Lab:

In the Aerolith lab, there is a big, dangerous creature called Rage Berserker. The Aerolith tower will be drawing mutants and absorbing them when you see the countdown clock on the screen in order to get energy and fuel the Rage Berserker.

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When the countdown ends, this dangerous monster will appear. Therefore, you must try to shoot down as many mutants as possible before Rage Berserker appears. Prevent the Aerolith lab from absorbing more mutants to weaken the summoned monster.

Use a Dagger And Crossbow:

PUBG Mobile 2.8 now has the explosive bolts and the Dagger dagger. In this version’s themed mode, certain weapons get damage increases. You’d better use them to get rid of mutations more quickly.

Rage Berserker & Ripper on Map:

When traversing the map in the Zombie’s Edge game mode, you can encounter many Rage Berserker monsters with muscular right arms. But there is a weak point with the glowing red color on their mutated arms. Aim and keep spraying bullets to that point to decrease their HP bar.

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To contribute Damage and dispatch these Rage Berserker enemies swiftly, stay near to your squad. Try to avoid their right arms’ lethal assaults. Try not to run from any Rage Berserkers; their Mutation Gauntlets and Blades will provide you with genetic abilities.

Get Mutation Gauntlets and Blades:

The Gauntlets also allow users to perform Great Mash and clear lots of zombies with a powerful plunge attack.
The Blades give users a Wild Dash ability for a charged dash. It’s useful when you are surrounded by lots of zombies. It lets you escape the waves of these life forms quickly without taking damage.

While exploring the Aerolith Lab, don’t ignore the Maglev Hoverboard. This vehicle is very useful in this zombie mode. It can bring one player to traverse the map and fly across rivers.

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