Remnant 2 Tips: How To Get Nightfall Gun (Nightfall Location)

How To Get Nightfall Gun (Nightfall Location) in Remnant 2: In Remnant 2, Nightfall gun is a powerful weapon, it a desirable weapon to get it. It is described as a device of pure evil, either firing shards of bone at its target or transforming players semi-visible in its realm-walking Dread walker mode as it dishes out supreme damage.

However, the unusual, finger-like long gun is different following Remnant 2‘s launch, and some players may want to know if Nightfall is still a good weapon.

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Others may also wonder how to get hold of Nightfall in Remnant 2’s randomized worlds and map systems.

To get Nightfall, players must beat Remnant 2’s Nightweaver boss, located in Losomn’s Asylum.

After a challenging boss fight, players pick up the Cursed Dreams Silk, which they can use to craft the Nightweaver gun back at Ward 13 when combined with Scrap and Lumenite Crystals.

Nightweaver comes equipped with a non-swappable capability called Dreadwalker which gives players a temporary invisible-like effect wherein they enter the Nightmare Realm, making them harder to hit while moving.

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The effect lasts 10 seconds while simultaneously giving players infinite ammo, a 35% fire rate increase with the gin turning fully automatic, plus a 10% life steal.

There’s also a secondary mutator slot for players to add a mutator, and the weapon gives a boost to critical hits and weak spot damage.

When Remnant 2 first launched, Nightfall was considerably OP compared to other long guns in the giving, dealing out massive damage. However, a later Remnant 2 patch nerfed the Nightfall alongside Enigma, scaling it down to be closer to the game’s other long guns owing to it causing too much damage and making boss fights easier than they should be.

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That said, Nightfall is still a good weapon and even better when maxed out. It takes down most lower-level enemies in just a few shots of its bone projectiles, and its Dreadwalker fully automatic rounds pack a punch and inflict significant damage, albeit for only a short time.

Although it only has a 10-round magazine capacity, its shots, whether semi-automatic or full-auto, work best when adding mutators like Momentum which increases critical hit chance and damage, boosting DPS significantly and helping beat certain boss fights faster.

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