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Remnant 2 Tips: How to Get the Chicago Typewriter



Remnant 2 Tips How to Get the Chicago Typewriter

How to Get the Chicago Typewriter: Remnant 2 has many fully-automatic weapons, yet none of the firearms under the Long Gun category quite compares to the sheer joy of firing a drun-fed Tommy Gun.

The Chicago Typewriter is all about unleashing a stream of bullets to mow down soft targets before they can retaliate, and it’s just as fun to use as it was in the original game.

Just like the first game, this gun is hidden away in a secret area that many players might miss on their first playthrough of Remnant 2.

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Thankfully, reaching this spot isn’t too complicated, and players can get to it as soon as they finish up the fight against the Labyrinth Sentinel. Here’s how to claim this weapon.

As mentioned, the Chicago Typewriter can only be accessed after fighting the cube boss in the Labyrinth and meeting Clementine. Once all the portals in the Labyrinth are active, players need to take a specific route in order to reach this secret Long Gun.

Teleport to the Entangled Gauntlet checkpoint and head up the stairs to the right. Step through the open portal and immediately go behind the portal on the other side.

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Look down the ledge to see yet another portal floating in midair. Carefully walk off the ledge and pass through this portal to reach a secluded area of the Labyrinth.

From here, either fight through the Labyrinth constructs or run past them to enter one more portal. After arriving at the other side, head left to enter a seemingly empty room.

There are some ledges by the wall on the left-hand side of the entryway that players can climb on.

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Players should mantle over these and jump from ledge to ledge in order to reach a small opening above the entryway.

Instead of dropping back down to the portal, look right and climb up.

There should be an opening across the ledge — jump toward it, then follow the corridors to reach a golden realm portal.

This will lead players to the cargo bay of the derelict ship on Ward 13. The Chicago Typewriter is on a crate next to a notebook.

Before leaving, make sure to grab the Leto Mark II armor set as well inside the open blue container.

If the portal is closed, it means players have not yet killed the Labyrinth Sentinel or met with Clementine.

The Chicago Typewriter boasts a high rate of fire as well as the same accuracy mechanic as the Bonesaw.

This weapon will become more accurate the longer its trigger is held down, making it great for boss fights or extended skirmishes against groups of enemies.


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PUBG Mobile 3.2 Update: New Mecha Fusion Mode



PUBG Mobile 3.2 Update New Mecha Fusion Mode

New Mecha Fusion Mode: The latest update has greatly elevated themed gameplay by introducing the Mecha Fusion Mode, that brought signature Mecha robots into the battle royal.

Mechas are the big robotics machines, frequeslty resembling humans, and are normally contorlled by the humans to engage in combat or perform heavy-duty tasks.

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The recently released beta version has enormous alien spacecraft in keeping with this concept. It also features new aerial and ground-based robots (mecha), the Magnet Gun for strategic advantage, and jetpacks for fight in the air.

New Mecha Fusion Mode:

The 3.2 update features a new mode called Mecha Fusion, which brings well-known mecha robots into the world of PUBG Mobile.

In this game, enormous robots that players can control are transported by enormous alien spacecraft that land on the battlefield.

Players may specifically control two different kinds of mechas: levitating models that allow for aerial mobility and ground-based versions that can sprint and jump.

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To assist in the confrontation with the mechas, players wield the formidable Magnet Gun. This specialized gun not only targets mechas but also draws them closer, providing a distinctive tactical advantage.

Jetpacks are another addition to the 3.2 update that lets players fly and participate in thrilling aerial combat. So just go to the sky with your upgraded machinery and inflict destruction on your enemies from above.

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GTA Online 2024: Top 5 Money Making Activities in GTA Online in 2024



Top 5 Money Making Activities in GTA Online in 2024

Top 5 Money Making Activities in GTA Online in 2024: Some of the best money-making opportunities in GTA Online were recently introduced by Rockstar Games. The best ones sometimes need an enormous initial expenditure, yet quite a few might be launched without fulfilling any prerequisites.

But, it’s usually beneficial because the money made later on helps to both pay off the initial investment and accumulate wealth.

Soon, the multiplayer version of Cluckin Bell Farm Raid will launch, and it may become yet another fantastic method to make money. Let’s examine the top five profitable activities in Grand Theft Auto Online for 2024 in the meantime.

Top 5 money making activities in GTA Online in 2024

The Diamond Casino Heist:

Although it made its debut in 2019, The Diamond Casino Heist remains one of the finest ways to get money in Grand Theft Auto Online in 2024. The job assigns players to rob the vault of the Diamond Casino, as the name suggests. This heist has a conclusion and a few preparatory tasks, just like its contemporaries.

If you play on Hard difficulty, you can slightly enhance the payments, which are based on the primary aim. Robbing Diamonds on Hard level, for example, may yield a reward of up to $3,619,000. Unfortunately, this main objective is not accessible very often, but Gold is a decent substitute.

The Cayo Perico Heist:

Playable alone, the Cayo Perico Heist is quite simple to finish. Even with the recent drop in payments, it remains one of the greatest ways to get money in Grand Theft Auto Online. It starts with owning a Kosatka submarine and meeting Miguel Madrazo at the Music Locker.

Its setup tasks are simple to do, and depending on the main aim, payments can reach up to $1 million. The Panther Statue is the most lucrative target of The Cayo Perico Heist, yet it is rarely made accessible. Having said that, the Pink Diamond may also be quite lucrative.

The Agency VIP Contract:

To get the VIP Contract in Grand Theft Auto Online, players must purchase an Agency from a Dynasty 8 Executive and finish one Security Contract. This assignment rewards $1,000,000 upon completion and includes various setup objectives as well as a finale featuring well-known American rapper Dr. Dre.

The VIP Contract has a cooling time after which it may be replayed, just as The Cayo Perico and The Diamond Casino Heist. In the meanwhile, players may finish Security Contracts, which are some of the finest ways to make money in Grand Theft Auto Online. These jobs pay between $31,000 and $70,000 based on the difficulty level.

Payphone Hits:

Three Security Contracts from the Agency must be completed before players can begin grinding Payphone Hits. The basic compensation for these assassination assignments is $10,000, but meeting extra mission goals might result in a $30,000 bonus.

Payphone Hits are initiated by answering a payphone, which appears randomly and is identified on the map by a blue telephone symbol. Once one is finished, there is a 10-minute cooldown before starting another Payphone Hit.

Salvage Yard Robberies:

The newest activity on the list of the greatest ways to get money in Grand Theft Auto Online is salvage yard robberies. They function similarly to Auto Shop Robbery Contracts for those who are familiar with them and are a part of the Salvage Yard industry.

But salvage yard robberies typically pay far more—up to $200,000 per job. The only drawback is that you can only finish three in a week, but if you decide to sell the stolen car rather than salvage it, you might potentially earn about a million dollars from them.

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