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PUBG Mobile Tips: Best Extreme Tips to Clear Enemies within 10-meter Range



PUBG Mobile Tips: Best Extreme Tips to Clear Enemies within 10-meter Range

Close-range combat is about 5 – 10 meters. Those close fights are often tense and dangerous. To win most of the close-range combat in PUBG Mobile, you need to master the three most important factors: accuracy, movements, and using cover.

Master Three Core Factors: Tactical movements can help PUBG Mobile players win every fight and do some 1v4 clutches. Strong movements make you more active in combat and avoid being rushed.

In face-to-face combat, you have to keep moving left and right, jumping and crouching to dodge bullets. But you still need to keep the crosshair stable to shoot accurately.

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Don’t engage without cover, especially in hot-drop locations. Sometimes, you cannot spot all enemies around.

Use Strong Weapons: SMGs, LMGs, and ARs are the best weapons for 10-meter range combat. If you and the opponent shoot at the same time, you need to cause more damage per second than him.

Reaction Speed: Use hip-fire in instant combat when enemies suddenly appear in front of you. Moreover, hip-firing is not as accurate as ADS in the 10-meter range. But it’s better to hip-fire within a 5-meter range. Hip-firing also helps you react faster in close instant fights.

Source: GuruGamer

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