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PUBG Mobile Tips: How to identify bots and players



PUBG Mobile Tips: How to identify bots and players

How to identify bots: PUBG Mobile having queries regarding its player selection. One of them involves the topic of bots in the game. Bots are AI players, have been present in PUBG Mobile since it was launched.

They are used to fill up the required 100-man slots in classic matches and carry names similar to those of human players.

It’s often more satisfying to kill a real human player instead of a game. Therefore, players always wonder whether the player they just killed is a bot or a real human being.

How to identify bots and players in PUBG Mobile

Awareness: a bot is its knowledge of your position in situations where normal players would be clueless. bots rarely take cover and do not seem to care about being attacked by enemies.

Activity: Bots do not behave like human players and will remain calm even when they appear to be lost. They can be spotted standing mindlessly in the middle of an exposed area and can sometimes even be seen running into walls repeatedly.

Guns and Utilities: Bots usually carry a single primary weapon and often have no secondary ones because they neither switch between weapons nor try different things with them like an actual human player.

Loot: there is a high chance that the corpse you are looting was a bot, especially if you find them towards the start of the game.

A bot often comes into the map with better equipment in their inventories than most players even have towards the end of the match.

How to Know bots in PUBG MOBILE

A bot will always move around in a very calm and composed manner on a pre-determined path across the map.

you will often see them running towards a house without carrying weapons

A bot will never enter a house or settlement for loot.

They act as daredevils, walking with their guns high in the air. Even while under attack, they would hardly jump for cover to protect themselves.

Bots will kill real players but won’t bother to loot the items of that player.

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