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PUBG Update introduced Moonlight weather, Bizon SMG & Canted sight for Vikendi



PUBG Update introduced Moonlight weather, Bizon SMG & Canted sight for Vikendi

PlayerUnkown’s battlegrounds widely known as PUBG has finally arrived the new update comes with a huge list of new features, weapons and requested changes for the PC version of the game. PUBG Developer has also added weather setting on Vikendi Moonlight. Where Players will be taking down enemies in the night as the super moon and aurora borealis guide you to victory.

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The new weapon called Bizon which is an SMG that will be exclusively available on Vikendi and Erangel. The Weapon will have a drum magazine that can hold 53 rounds of 9mm bullets. The only accessories that can be attached to the gun are muzzle and sight attachments.

PUBG Update Bizon

The new Bizon is an SMG for Vikendi and Erangel. It uses 9mm ammunition and holds 53 rounds by default. It can take muzzle and sight attachments & it does not take grips or magazines.

PUBG Canted Sight:

Canted sight is a new scope for weapons with secondary scope slot. The weapon’s position and view of angle might feel slightly different than before while in ADS. It can be used with below

  • AR – Beryl M762, AKM, AUG, M416, Mutant, QBZ, SCAR-L, G36C
  • DMR – SLR, Mini14, Mk14, QBU, SKS
  • SR – AWM, M24, Kar98k
  • SMG – UMP, Vector, Bizon
  • Shotgun – S12K
  • LMG – M249

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This update brings a new weather setting to Vikendi map known as moonlight. This feature will work in night, big glowing super moon and bright aurora borealis will help you to detect enemies. Developers also mentioned that players will be visible to other because of the big super moon and bright aurora borealis.

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PUBG Developer has also update with level 3 helmet and vest more rare , Adjusting attachments spawn rate on the same map.