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Google Assistant can now ready, reply message from WhatsApp, Telegram and Slack



Google Assistant can now ready, reply message from WhatsApp, Telegram and Slack


Google‘s virtual Assistant is reportedly getting the ability to read message from non-Google apps like WhatsApp, Telegram, and Slack . Google Assistant has had the ability to read out your text message aloud. But, this feature was only helpful for user who had all their important messages in the SMS inbox.

If the feature is rolled out widely, it would let users dictate their replies to message for these non-Google apps as well. Engaged reported on Monday. Currently there appears to be limited support for language beyond English.

Android Police reported that message containing pictures, videos and audios are not accessible by the read-aloud feature.

The read-aloud feature is very useful when you are busy with work such as cooking, driving and more. In the latest update you do not need to touch the phone to even check if your WhatsApp message needs an immediate response.

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If this feature has been rolled out to your device, then you will be able to make Google Assistant read out your messages from Third-party applications by saying read my message command. But, how will you know if the feature is working for you? Well, When you say read my message to Assistant, you will see a prompt appear that asks you if you want to let Google assistant have access to your notification data.

In a recent report, WhatsApp for desktop may add support for third party stickers in the future. At the moment, more details about the upcoming feature are still wraps. It will bring WhatsApp for web on feature parity with what we get on WhatsApp for Android and iOS.

As per reported, The only way Google Assistant is able to read these messages to you.  By accessing the notification data and not going into the app itself. So in case you receive a media file, the Google Assistant will just say The message must contains an media attachment and will not be able to play or show it to you.

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