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PUBG footsteps are a lot louder after Vikendi Map Launched



PUBG footsteps are a lot louder after Vikendi Map Launched

PlayerUnknown’s Battelground might be useful to know that footsteps are a whole lot louder now, making sneaking up on opponents much more difficult. And enemies will often be bale to hear users from as much as 60 meter away.

YouTuber WackyJacky101 noticed that something was off with the sounds off footfalls since the Vikendi Map launched. It seems that the audible range of running and sprinting has been increased to nearly 60 meters, making player movement significantly noiser.

A previous test conducted by WackyJacky in March 2018 made users audible from 40 meters while sprinting or running. A small increase but when you are ,trawling through the urban areas or the smaller maps like Vikendi or Sanhok. In that case users will make a real difference to the way you approach the game, as per trustreviews reported.

Enlisting another player as a listener , he decided to test the map out for himself by testing the different movement modes on the same piece of terrain to see how far out he could be heard.

Sprint or Run, And users going to heard from from 60 meters away. Which is a substantial increase int he amount of noise you will make Womling around PUBG‘s map.

here is the video in which, Each testing iteration and provides an analysis on how the changes impact gameplay.

A surprising change to sneak in, and penalising the quite players could have the side effect of making the mid game a little more fighty. As players are now mode likely to hear each other coming.

60 meters is a long way to be able to hear footsteps. And it is unclear why PUBG Corp felt the need to make this particular changes.

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