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Arjun Kapoor Trolls Alia Bhatt on Rakhi Pic with Yash Johar ,She Replied “get lost”



Arjun Kapoor Trolls Alia Bhatt on Rakhi Pic with Yash Johar

Arjun Kapoor is known to playfully troll his Bollywood friends’ Instagram updates, and this time Alia Bhatt was his nest target.

It was a Happy Rakshabhandhan to Alia Bhatt as she tied Rakhi to Karan Johar’s son yash Johar. Alia was so ecstatic that she share a picture of the adorable moment on her Instagram page and captioned it writing, “My Beautiful baby brother!!! Aaaaj just look at the faceee” little did she know that Arjun Kapoor in his prankster avater was all set to try and trolled her.

Is Arjun Kapoor the biggest bully on Instagram,? No seriously! the other day, he was seen trolling Katrina Kaif on a drop dead sexy picture. He said her, “”You have got dandruff” on her post that had her looking dangerously hot.

When we thought “I hate Katrina” was the only club he was proud to lead, here comes his new target No points for guessing , we are talking about Alia Bhatt.


Arjun Kapoor Trolls Alia Bhatt on Rakhi Pic.jpg

Arjun Kapoor Trolls Alia Bhatt on Rakhi Pic.jpg


Arjun Commented on Alia’s post, “Umm he’s not really that excited btw”

While actor was quick to make the observation and drop a comment ans just when fans though that he is got Alia, the actress hit back at him with an epic retort.

Alia replied, “Just get lost he’s playing it cool!

in a recent Interview , Alia said that Karan is her closet confident in the film industry. She said, “One person who i can talk to anything under the sun! be it personal, professional, philosophical and something that gives me a good and fun perspective in Karan Johar. Talking to him refresh me to another level”

She is working Karan Johar’s Big budget ensemble Kalank, which also stars Sanjay Dutt, Madhuri Dixit, varun Dhawan, Sonakshi Sinha adn Aditya Roy Kapoor.

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