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Bazaar Movie Review: Saif Ali Khan makes the film shine



Bazaar Movie Review: Saif Ali Khan makes the film shine

Bazaar Movie Review: Bazaar opens to a scene that could well be borrowed from an Abbas Mustan thriller. Rizwan Ahmen (Rohan), and Allahabad based share consultant idealize Mumbai business magnate Shakun Kothari (Saif Ali Khan). Aspiring to work with his guru, he heads to the city of dreams and before he knows it, he is sucked into the manipulate and machination of the money game.

Shakun Kothari he too has the hunger to prove that his small town credentials, absence of an IIM degree and limited English speaking skill do not determine his business sense.

Debutant director Gaurav K Chawla gave this movie the feel of a thriller from the initial point. The opening frame of young man standing perilously on the edge of high rise in Mumbai and looking down at what could be a dangerous end, makes uncomfortable.


Stories Bazaar Movie Review:

Saif Ali Khan gets to play a shrewd businessman with money on his mind and no moral compass but the performance that’s marred courtesy a Gujrati accent that makes sporadic appearances.

It does not help that Kothari is devoid of personality that makes heads turn and is given many attempts to justify his wrongdoing.

Rohan Mehra in his debut role has plenty of screen time but there is only that much impression he can make with a long drawn drama.


There are many earworms including one by Yo Yo Honey Singh. Equally intolerance are the laughable product placements. Apte as the glamorous colleague and amorous motivator Rizwan needs and relies on is often sideline for two man.

However the most underwritten character is Manish Chaudri’s Rana Dasgupta, A Securities and Exchange Board of India official looking to nab Kothari for years with no success. Their rivalry is restricted to one exchange, for the writers Parveez Shaikh and Aseem Arora are too invested in fraud and betrayal.

The movie is inspired by the 1987 classic Wall Street, this one is a notable attempt to replay a compelling story of financial fraud to audiences unfamiliar with the Oliver Stone film on insider trading.

Bazaar does not stray too far from this construct and Rizwan’s appetite to rise above the rest nosedives when he learns that his mentor Kothari’s unscrupulous plans that could be detrimental to him.



Saif Ali Khan:
always having a poor run at the box office , shows you once again that he is better than many of his “Superstar” contemporaries.

Flawless as the cool, calculating, unforgiving Shakun Kthari. The actor has picked up teeny-weeny nuances of his rich businessman friends and brought it here.

Rohan Mehra makes an impressive debut. however he rough around the edge and would need more polishing of he has to stand up to stalwarts.

Radhika Apte is gos as his senior Colleague priya Rai. Chitranda Singh lends due support as Shakun’s wife Mandira Parekh-Kothari.

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