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Cristiano Ronaldo’s Favourite Food & Lifestyle: How Salad-Heavy Diet is Inspiring Young Manchester United Fans



Cristiano Ronaldo's Favourite Food & Lifestyle How Salad-Heavy Diet is Inspiring Young Manchester United Fans

Cristiano Ronaldo’s Favourite Food & Lifestyle: Since when Cristiano Ronaldo rejoined Manchester United the footballing world was gripped by mass hysteria.

Fans, former players, pundits, journalists, and even his new teammates were hailing the five-time Ballon d’Or winner’s return to Old Trafford.

Every aspect of his playing style, training technique, lifestyle, and diet has been scrutinized over the past decade, and now he is back in Manchester, a new generation of United supporters are keen to learn his secrets.

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A 36-year-old Portuguese football star has skill sets that boggle people’s minds. However, the agility and pace that the player has maintained and improved over time is no magic.

So, in an event fostering interaction between United chefs and primary school children. Every attendee was interested to know what Ronaldo eats. “He is the fittest one, so he has to be the healthiest,” said one of the students.

Having one of the greatest sets of legs and wit on the football field. Children were excited to know what Ronaldo eats to maintain the skills and physical abilities that drop jaws when being showcased by the player on the field.

Chef de cuisine of the team, Darren Hamilton, in an interview with Goal, said, “There are a few players that will eat what Ronaldo eats, just to see. He is still playing at the age that he is, he is eating right, and he is training right, so some of the players are adapting.”

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“His favourite is chicken salad, he tends to lean towards that more than anything else,” Hamilton said.

“At the training ground we have buffet style, so he can help himself to other options. If he has any special requests he will let us know so that we can make that for him.

“Us here in the stadium for the away games, we tend to make him chicken salads to reboost his carbs when he’s on his way back.”

Learning about Ronaldo’s love of chicken salads was not the only reason for the children’s visit, however.


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