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Sunny Leone reveals, Daniel Weber thought Sunny Leone was a lesbian first time they met



Daniel Weber thought Sunny Leone was a lesbian first time they met

Actor Sunny Leone has shared the very interesting story of the first time she met her husband and producer, Daniel Weber. Sunny revealed that Daniel’s first impression of her was that she was a lesbian.

Sunny has been really candid in her past few interviews. The actress in her last interview opened up about a lot of things, some fun and a few emotional.

When asked about her husband, Sunny narrated this funny incident when the two first met. Daniel was confused if she was in a same s*x relationship and the actress can’t stop herself from laughing her heart out even after all these years.

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As per reports, Sunny was headed for a date with someone else when she met Daniel in Las Vegas. “We were in Las Vegas and I was with my girlfriend.

I was going to meet Daniel’s band mate at Mandalay Bay. I was supposed to go out on a date with Pauly Shore, who was a comedian.

But he ditched me,” she said. But Daniel said it was all destiny. “And God ushered me to her. That’s destiny,” he said.

She revealed how when Daniel saw her she was sitting with her friend holding hands which gave him a confused impression.

She said, “Daniel didn’t think I was straight. He thought I was a lesbian. I was with my girlfriend who is a lesbian but she dresses a bit masculine. He misread it completely,” she said. “I was confused because they were holding hands and I misread the situation,” said Daniel.

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