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John Wick 4 Release Date, Cast, Plot, and Latest News



John Wick 4 Release Date, Cast, Plot, and Latest News

John Wick 4: The first John Wick series was premiered in 2014 and since then this Keanu Reeves action series is undoubtedly one of the fastest-growing and biggest series of all time. And we all know that it is only going to get even bigger with time.

So welcome back fam! And as you already know today we are talking about the 4th season of John Wick and all the exciting updates about it.

As far as we know that the upcoming film is all set to be released to the world. Along with this, there are at least 2 more films lined up for us.

So where are all the John wick fans at? Coz I am going completely gaga over this news and I am sure you will too!

As confirmed by Reeves that this movie is a lot of fun, a lot intense and the audience is going to love it. He further added that there are also some new characters in the movie and he is very much excited about the release.

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“They’re fun. They’re intense. We’re going for it,” he told SlashFilm. “There’s some really amazing John Wick action and new characters. It’s been really fun to be playing the role again and to be telling this story.

“You know, there’s new characters and we’re opening up the world. Right now we’re just shooting this crazy fight scene in the middle of traffic. So there’s car crashes, gunfights.”

Each chapter of the series has ramped up the action even more so far. And it looks like that’s going to be the case again this time – with a frankly frightening cast having been assembled for the upcoming film.

Alongside returning faces such as Laurence Fishburne and Lance Reddick, the likes of Donnie Yen, Bill Skarsgard, Clancy Brown and more have all signed on to appear in the new film – while Chilean actor Marko Zaror will star as a new villain.

The film has been postponed a lot of times due to COVID and had planned on completing at least 15 installments. However, let’s dive in and see what all we know about our upcoming movie.

John Wick 4 Release Date:

All the fans who had signed up earlier for all the updates about the third part of the movie were notified first about the 4th season as well.

They received a text message that mentioned they have served and chapter 4 if John Wick is going to be released on 21st May 2021.

With coronavirus causing major delays for productions, that release date is no longer still in place. Director Chad Stahelski told Collider: ” I couldn’t tell you a release date for the next one.

“I mean, Matrix was only four weeks in when this all happened. So, Keanu’s gotta go finish his commitment up on The Matrix, which is a big deal and which I think will probably take him until the end of the year.

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“Then we have to go into our prep mode and then we’ll start. So release dates, I’m sure with every production from Dave’s stuff to our stuff, who knows right now.”

In May 2020 a new release calendar was out by Lionsgate that also included the news of John Wick 4. And it mentioned that the show has been delayed for a year now. The show is all set to be released on 27th May 2022

Later on, in March 2021, it was shared that the production for the movie will begin in June along with the 5th part of the movie. So now we just have to wait for the production to be over and the movie to be released as soon as possible.

John Wick 4 Cast:

Keanu Reeves will reprise his role as brooding ex-hitman John Wick. While other stars including Lance Reddick and Ian McShane as Winston also in line for a return.

We will also see a lot of other talented stars to be joining for chapter 4. This list of stars includes Donnie Yen, Bill Skarsgård, Shamier Anderson, Clancy Brown, Hiroyuki Sanada, Scott Adkins, and Rina Sawayama will be debuting in this chapter. Along with them, Marko Zaror will be seen as the latest adversary of John Wick

Meanwhile, Chilean actor Marko Zaror, who previously starred in Alita: Battle Angel, has been confirmed to be playing John Wick’s latest adversary.

John Wick 4 plot:

As far as we know that the 4th chapter will be continuing from the 3rd chapter and we know that John has $14 million cash on him. And after the serious fight with the assassins.

It seemed he is dead however, he was up again and had planned his revenge against the Murky group- that put his life in danger.

The fourth chapter will show us a war between the powerful criminal council and the assassin

This installment is not written by Derek Kolstad, unlike the other 3 installments. And as far as we know Mike Finch is going to take on with the writing for the 4th installment.

However, no official announcement of the plot has been made yet so till now we just have to wait and watch.

John Wick 4 Trailer:

As of now, no official announcement has been made for the trailer yet. But we will keep you updated if any update is out for the show. Till then stay tuned with us for all such amazing updates about the show and your favorite characters.

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