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Pataakha Movie Review: Radhika, Sanya’s Love hate relationship



Pathaaka Movie Review: Radhika, Sanya's Love hate relationship

The Pataakha movie, somewhere is rural Rajasthan, where two sisters born and they keep fighting. everything they have got imaginative gaalis, fist, kicks, wrestler-style moves. Champa Kumari and Genda Kumar are two sisters whose hate-love relationship is the key of Vishal Bhardwaj’s film.

This is quirky family that entertains, ans it is not ever melodramatic. Compare two sisters to India and Pakistan, there are several references to a metaphorical Batwaara.


Both Sanya Malhotra and Radhika Madan fit the character like a glove. Sanya is the younger sister, bringing a sense of vulnerability to her performance. scene where she marvels at herself in a mirror while wearing new cloths.

Badki and Chutki are his source of entertainment, give their extreme rivalry and he never misses an opportunity to fan the flames between them. story become interesting when two sisters find their suitors in the village.

they are more jealous than ever, as the lyrics of the songs denote. Tero Gundo balma, re Mero Nek Balma.


Sunil Grover as Dipoper is truly worthy of praise as he convincingly breathes life into this character that is equally hilarious and wicked.

Vijay Raaz yet gives an exceptional performance as a burdened Bapu who is perpetually stressed about his mining business and the growing fights between his daughters.

Pataakha, explosive but subtle, it is emotive but does not take itself to seriously as a film, it could have benefits with a tighter edit. and well crafted adaption of Charan Singh Pathiks short story Do Behnein, which ends with something that’s quite wishful thinking.

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