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Radhika Apte reveals her co-star offered midnight backrub , #MeeToo Movement



Radhika Apte reveals her co-star offered midnight backrub , #MeeToo Movement

Bollywood actress Radhika apte become internet’s favorite meme following her numerous collaboration with Netflix, shed light on her own #MeeToo movement.

The movement that took Hollywood by storm had many celebrities coming out and sharing their sexual harassment stories, whchi eventually paved way for better anti-sexual harassment policies in work places to curb such incidents.

While Bollywood has yet not participated or come up with its own #MeeToo movement, Radhika says that to bring a movement to the Indian entertainment industry, artistes need to have a good support system.


She recently revealed her own incident and explained why B-Town might not be ready for such powerful movement yet.

Radhika was attending an event in India Today, i had actually hurt my back and it was badly sore. we did the shoot and I was heading back to my room with another buy who was in the same lift. He was part of the film but we had not spoken much. He said that, Let me know if you need me in the middle of the night for help, I can come and give your back a rub.


The actress reached to the filmmakers and told them about the incident, they had a meeting with him in person. Then I came to know that the culture that he comes from is such that he did not realize that he made me uncomfortable with that statement. However, later he never made me feel uncomfortable and apologized, Radhika Apte said.

Apte also went on to say, The main cause is power game. Be it religious, sexual or economical-it happens everywhere. Nobody wants to lose their power, She added during a session at the India Today Mind Rocks 2018, Reported DNA India.

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