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Tanushree Dutta hits Rakhi Sawant: Calls her ‘sex and money obsessed moron’



Tanushree Dutta hits Rakhi Sawant: Calls her 'sex and money obsessed moron'

Tanushree Dutta has been hailed as the torchbearer of the #MeToo movement. After Tanushree Dutta slammed Rakhi Sawant for belittling her #MeToo experience on the sets on Horn Ok Pleassss Movie in 2008.

In an interview Rakhi Sawant called her a liar and drug addict, to which Tanushree Dutta responded by slapping a Rs 10 crore defamation suit on her.

Tanushree Dutta hits Rakhi Sawant for accusing that she is a lesbian and was raped by her multiple times a decade ago. If that was not enough, Rakhi even accused Tanushree Dutta of being a man from the inside.

Tanushree Dutta has issued statement firing against Rakhi from all cylinders. She said that she was never her friend and the two met face-to-face only once, and that too in the airport.

Tanushree Dutta said, Rakhi a classles, disgusting and characterless pervert who can stoop to any  level in the name of self promotion.

She also called her uncouth and perverted. Finally Tanushree Dutta boldly stated that she and her liked will “Perish along with their lies”

“My parents always told me to choose my friend very carefully and I learnt to live by that advice. I simply avoid at all cost people i think are not good for me. So its disgusting when uncouth, uneducated dirty, down market, classless, characterless, perverted, degraded abominations like Rakhi Sawant claim to ever be friends with me”

Tanushree Dutta’s Replied:

She said, “calling me homosexual because I shaved my head. In both the Hindu and Buddhist traditions, when one gets ‘diksha'” or initiation into deep spiritual practices or yogic sadhana. And Out of devotion and surrender to god and Guru, one gives up their identity signified by giving up the hair. Insulting a serious Hindi tradition by calling it homosexual practise… Shame on you Rakhi!”.

Called Rakhi Sawant a “Sex and money obsessed moron” and asked her and asked. have you done plastic surgery on your brain also?

She also predicted that Rakhi Sawant will perish very soon as her lies and unruly antics will not work a long time. You will perish along with your lies and so will your friends who have put you up for it.

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