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India needs at least 38 million masks to fight coronavirus: Report



India needs at least 38 million masks to fight coronavirus: Report

India needs at least 38 million masks and 6.2 million pieces of personal protective equipment as it confronts the spread of coronavirus, and has approached hundreds of companies to secure supplies quickly, Reuters reported.

As instances of the sickness have risen, so has demand for protecting gear and masks, in addition to complaints from healthcare employees about shortages.

In a four-page inside doc dated March 27, the Make investments India company detailed efforts to search out corporations that may provide essential provides. Make investments India mentioned it had contacted 730 corporations for ventilators, ICU screens, protecting gear, masks and testing kits, of which 319 corporations had responded up to now.

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India, with 1030 recorded cases of coronavirus and 27 deaths, took strong steps this week to curb the spread of the illness, with authorities concerned the healthcare system could be overwhelmed if the disease becomes rampant in the country of 1.3 billion.

Prime Minister Narendra Modi ordered everybody on Tuesday to remain at dwelling for 3 weeks.

The variety of masks obtainable for providing from the businesses was 9.1 million, the Make investments India doc mentioned, including that obtainable provides of non-public protecting gear corresponding to physique coveralls stood at virtually 800,000.

On Wednesday, federal health official Lav Agarwal told reporters the government was “trying its best” to ensure supplies of healthcare protective gear, but gave no numbers.

Invest India is also working with a private Indian company to import test kits from five companies in South Korea, the document said.

Some doctors have said they are concerned about shortages of healthcare equipment.

At the main facility for COVID-19 treatment in Bihar, doctors do not have proper protective gear and some are wary of entering the wards where five coronavirus patients are being treated, said Ravi R.K Raman, president of a doctor’s association there.

Via: Reuters