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LGBTI job fair to held in Delhi on February 22: RISE Second Edition



LGBTI job fair to held in Delhi on February 22: RISE

The second edition of Reimagining Inclusion for Social Equity, which is supposed to be Asia’s biggest LGBTI job fair, conference and marketplace, will be held at The Lalit in Delhi on February 22.

RISE is the flagship event organized by the Pride Circle, India’s premier diversity and inclusion consulting. That enables organizations to foster inclusion with its expertise and solutions.

The day-long event will see a congregation of over 1,000 changemakers, businesses, organisations, candidates, students, human resource professionals, advocates, and experts.

The event will witness over 400 job seekers and 30 inclusive brands. Companies such as Uber, Accenture, BNY Mellon, The Lalit, Kronokare, Unhotel and others will be attending the event to hire.

LGBTI and ally leaders from around the world will interact with the attendees through various sessions on topics such as business leaders driving inclusion, workplace policies and benefits, discrimination at the workplace, transition support parenting and others.

A marketplace will also be set-up to feature products & services from micro, small and medium-sized LGBTI owned business from across India. Over 20 LGBTI owned businesses will be participating to showcase innovative products and services such as bakery, merchandise, travel & tourism at this consortium.

The first edition of RISE, held in Bengaluru in July 2019, resulted in 43 job placements. job seekers were offered white as well as blue-collar jobs across IT sector, hospitality, banking, finance and housekeeping.

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