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Buddhist Monk arrested in Bodh Gaya, for Allegedly sexually abusing 15 Children



Buddhist Monk arrested in Bodh Gaya, for Allegedly sexually abusing 15 Children

Bihar police took Buddhist monk into custody after 15 children at a both Gaya school cum medidation centre run by him alleged that he had sexually abused them, PTI reported.

The school is located in Bodh gaya, All the 15 children are from Assam Police say the monk was taken into custody after receiving complaints against hi, News agency ANI reported.

The children had companied about the monk to their guardians. they also informed us that they were thrashed, mistreated and sexually abused during their stay at the school. we are investigating the matter and will take necessary action, Deputy Superintendent of Police Rajkumar Shah told ANI.

The incident came to light after the children, most of them from Assam and between six ans 14 year also, rang their parents back home detailing the abuse they have been subjected to at the meditation centre , the police said.

FIR has been filed Bodh Gaya police station, and the statements of the children and the parents have been recorded, the police said, A medial test of the children will be done.

The head monk allegedly called the children to this bedroom and sexually abused them and if they did not obey him, he thrashed them, complained said.


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Police are also investigating to find out the affiliation and funding of the non-profit group that has been running the meditation centre.

many shelter homes run by non-profits in Bihar have come under the scanner of the authorities after over 30 girls were raped at a facility in Muzaffarpur.

Girls as young as seven were drugged , raped, forced to sleep naked and scaled with boiling water at the government run shelter home in Bihar. dubbed the housed of horrors, Reported by NDTV agency.

The parents of the children have demanded that the accused be held accountable. The children are being questioned by the woman’s police station house officer, Shah said.

“They will be produced before a magistrate tomorrow. they will also be taken for medical tests based on the results of which a case may be lodged against the monk”, he added.

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