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Kerala Floods: CM Collected Relief fund received Rs 728 crore till August 28



Kerala Floods: CM Collected Relief fund received Rs 728 crore till August 28

Kerala’s chief minister Pinarayi Vijayan said, Rs 738 crore has been received in the CM’ distress relief fund till August 28 as the focus shifted on the reconstruction of destroyed infrastructure and rehabilitation of people rendered homeless in the Flood-ravaged state.

The collected amount in around 15 days, is 21.7 per cent more that the central government’s initial grant of Rs 600 crore.

Most of people across the country have come froward in the past few days to help Kerala residents who are trying to rebuild their lives after witnessing the worst floods of the century.

Kerala received 352.2 mm of rain between August 9 and 15, three times more than the actual prediction, the CM said.


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We must take up projects for rebuilding Kerala, Vijayan said, He also told the MLAs to discuss and decide whether rehabilitation should be done in the areas which are prone to landslides and floods, Reported by India Today.

as per the state government has estimated a loss of Rs 20,000 crore due to the flood, but Vijayan has said it would need much more. The flood in the state, the state, the worst in a century, claimed over 320 lives since August 8.

Vijayan held discussions with officials of the World Bank on Wednesday to mobilize resource and said their help was necessary to rebuild the state. he said roads and bridges have been destroyed and small traders and businessman were facing a grave crisis and the present bank scheme were not enough to help as he sought aid the world Bank.


Union Minister of State for finance Po Radhakrishnan said, the Centre would consider all demand, including increasing the borrowing limit of the state, to raise funds for rehabilitation of flood victims and rebuilding the state.

He added, had informed the centre that a fresh memorandum on the loss and damage caused due to the flood was under preparation and that more assistance would be provided after it is submitted.

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