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Microsoft Software Engineer opened her personal immigration Story: US Visa Policies



Microsoft Software Engineer opened her personal immigration Story

Sri Ponnada shares on Facebook that she must leave the United States in six months because of the nation’s current immigration issue that have forced her and her family to wait a year green cards despite proper documentation. Post is about how the system is also impacting children who came to this country , and those who are now adults still navigating a complete green card process.


With the Donald Trump government in the US enforcing immigration laws in the recent months, many Indian-origin engineers in Silicon Valley are staring at a gloomy future. Sri Ponnanda a software engineer and her stay in the US set to expire in Feb 2019 and with little hope for visa extension for her.


Where should I go? Jamaica –where I came from “ Or to India where I was born but have not lived in since I was 3 years old “Sri questions in her post, asking lawmakers to pass a legislation to protect the status of kids who were legally brought into the country by their parents.”


She discusses the opportunities she seized a student at University of Lowa, and contribute she and her family have made- such as her mother’s work as a doctor in an encouraging girls to join STEM fields and is involved in social service projects with the city of Seattle outside of her work at Microsoft.


Ponnada, who hails from India, moved USA form Jamaica at the age of 14 years when her mother started her internal Medicine residency in New York back in 2008. After finishing her high school education in New York, moved to a small town in lowa where everyone needed doctors, with her family.


When her extension runs in six months, will have to self deport because she was unable to obtain a visa, despite having permanent job.


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