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Mystery of Burari: 11 family members Deaths, 6 deaths due to hanging



Delhi: Shocking incident of what appear to be a mass suicide by 11 members of a family in Delhi’s Burari remians a deep mystery for police despite enough proof that the family commited the act as an occult ritual to attain “Mass Salvation”. Entire family was hanging in the hallway as retired train locomotive Driver said. The rest including two 15 years old boys , allegedly used chunnis(scarves) with stuffed in their ears.


Mystery of Burari: 11 family members Deaths, 6 deaths due to hanging

Mystery of Burari: 11 family members Deaths, 6 deaths due to hanging


A diary fund in the house had details for Mass salvation including how hanging should be conducted . today, however my wife noticed that the shop had not opened till 7 AM and many customer had lined up outside . the Bhatias, who ran a shop in the area, seems to have followed the instruction.


According to the Alok Kumar, Joint Commissioner of Delhi Police “Autopsies of six persons , Bhavnesh, Pratibha, Dhruv, Shivam, Teena and Lalit revealed so far that they died of hanging and not strangulation”


According to the reports, most of them were blindfolded and gagged and even their hand tied behind the back. Police are yet to ascertain the sequence of the death of the family member, whether it was mass suicide or murder suicides.



As per the CCTV footage shows that a foos was delivered at the Bhatia home on June 30 night around 10:45 PM. The 11 members of delhi , out of them 10 hanging from an iron-mesh in the ceiling inside a room, were found at their residence in Burari’s sant Nagar area on Sunday morning. Various theories including murder and mass suicide are doing the round.


The postmortem include that two children and police found not indication of the strangulation or scuffle. Police suspect that the deaths were part of suicide pact. as handwritten noted found on the spot indicated.


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