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Woman shoplifter Caught Wearing 8 Pairs of Jeans, bizarre video goes viral



Woman shoplifter Caught Wearing 9 Pairs of Jeans, bizarre video goes viral

A video of a woman shoplifter wearing 8 pairs of jeans all at once to deceive the security guards at a clothing store has gone viral on social media. A bizarre video that has gone viral online shows her removing one pair of jeans after the other on being caught.

he 57-second viral clip shows the woman removing the stolen denim one by one after being caught. According to the Dailymail report, the woman was caught when she tried to walk out of the store after putting on all the 8 jeans at the same time.

The video, however, has taken social media by storm. Since being shared on Facebook about two weeks ago, it has collected more than 4.2 million views.

The bizarre video has also garnered thousand of amused comments, with some people remarking on the shoplifter’s ingenuity.

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This is not the first time a failed robbery has left social media amused. Recently, an airline passenger went the extra mile to avoid paying the hefty excess baggage charges by wearing multiple layers of clothes. Gel Rodriguez, from The Philippines, wore around 2.5 kgs of clothes to avoid paying the extra baggage fee after her luggage exceeded the maximum weight of seven kilos.

Via: Indianexpress

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