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U19 World Cup 2020: Fraser-McGurk to Return Home After Being Scratched on Face by Monkey



U19 World Cup 2020: Fraser-McGurk to Return Home After Being Scratched on Face by Monkey

Australia Under-19s lost to India Under-19 in the quarter-final of the ongoing World Cup in South Africa. The incident occurred during a team outing at a nature reserve when Fraser-McGurk came dangerously close to a monkey enclosure.

After winning against England last Thursday, Australia players were at a natural reserve at a team outing and Fraser-McGurk had to suffer from a weird injury.

After consulting the medical staff and the cricketer’s family members, the team management decided to send the Victorian batsman back to Australia.

It was deemed necessary to take precautionary treatment within seven days of the accident. Alex Kountouris, Cricket Australia’s Sports Science and Sports Medicine Manager, said Fraser-McGurk will be available for selection after the treatment. “We want to make sure that Jake doesn’t have any ongoing medical concerns as a result of the incident so we have taken the best course of action,” Kountouris was quoted as saying by

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“This involves the player returning to Australia for the treatment required within the recommended seven days of the incident taking place. We expect Jake will be available for selection shortly after he has completed the treatment,” he added.

Fraser-McuGurk admitted it was his mistake that led to the incident saying he has learned his lesson. “You never like to be leaving the boys with the tournament still in progress,” the Victorian batsman said. “But I’m confident we have the team to get the job done in the final two matches. I guess it serves me right for getting too close to the animal enclosure. That’s a lesson learned. I look forward to completing the treatment and getting back on the field as soon as possible. I’d like to thank all the staff from the nature reserve and Cricket Australia for their care and support.”

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