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Facebook got permission to enter China after banned for many years



Facebook got permission to enter China after banned for many years

Finally facebook got permission to enter the walled garden of China-well, short of after banned for years. facebook has got license to set up an office in Chinese province of Zhejiang — a move that marks a stark deviation from the norm in the land where the social media blocked till date.


Social media giant facebook set up a $30 million subsidiary in China where it looking to create an innovation hub to support local developers and startup. office is going to set in the city of Hanzhou giant Alibaba group adn owned by Facbeook Hong Kong Limited.


The Facebook also setup similar subsidiary in India, Brazil and South Korea. Setting up an innovation hub in Zhejiang to support Chinese developers, innovator ant start ups, Faceboook spokeperson says.


In a report ,Mark Zukarberg reply in regard with condition of Facebook in China, “I mean, we are blocked , he said adding”, At some point, i think that we need to figure it out. but w need to figure out a solution that is in line with out principles and what we want to do.


in 2015, company obtained a license to open an office building in Beijing back, but permit lasted for only three month and company had to go of its dreams of setting up a base in the mainland in China.


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