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Facebook Hires Top Engineer of Google to developing own chips



Facebook Hires Top Engineer of Google to developing own chips

Facebook has hired one of the Google’s lead Chip Developed, Shahriar Rabii, to help the social network in its ongoing effort to design its own silicon, according to a report of Bloomberg.


They started to build a team that could design custom chips to power server and consumer, facebook hopped on the chip developing bandwagon earlier this year. And Rabii has the new role at Facebook as a vice president and head of Silicon, according to an updated in Linkedin.


As Google snapped up few Apple chip design talent over the past year to create its own processors. Rabii led the group that designs chips for the G’s Devices, and one of the team’s creations in the Pixel visual Core.


Facebook has huge processor ambions a few months ago when it put up job listening to fill positions for a new team . once of the listing called for a person to manage an “end-to-end SOC/ASIC, Firmware and driver development organization”.


Hiring an industry veteran who headed Google’s chip team could help to achieve its goals an prevent the project form becoming a waste of time and resources.


Facebook put together a team to start designing own chips ealier this year, it is building custom chips that would useful for many of its ongoing data processing, augmented reality and AI programs, According to the report. Shahriar will be working under Andrew Bosworth , the company’s head of virtual reality and Augmented reality.


Facebook owned Oculus VR launched the standalone Oculus go virtual reality headset that currently relies on a Qualcomm-branded chip. Customer chips could be used to better train the AI algorithm that Facebook has patrolling its site hate speech, fake account, and potentially dangerous content.


Company uses modified third party GPUs from companies line Nvidia, Designing own AI training servers with proprietary chips as Google does with its Tensor Processing units.


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