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Facebook Messenger to redesign with a new two-tabbed, removes discover tab



Facebook Messenger to redesign with a new two-tabbed, removes discover tab

TechCrunch Reported, Facebook is planning an extensive redesign to its Messenger application on iOS. The goal is to simplify the experience of the app, with a focus on stories and friends, which comes at the cost of certain other features.

The new version of Messenger will be centered around stories and friends. It means the app will drop all non-essential features and services.

The new app will also see Facebook Messenger move away from its direction of pushing users towards brands.

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The new Messenger design removes the “Discover” tab from the app altogether. Discover served as a home for those chatbots along with easy access to brands, games, and other businesses.

The removal of games from Messenger has been in the works since last summer, with Facebook migrating to a broader Facebook Gaming platform.

Facebook already has WhatsApp and Instagram as direct and group messaging tools. The Messenger app redesign could serve as just another messaging platform in the broader scheme of things.

The redesign will also help the service mitigate the antitrust issues around user privacy and abuse of user data. TechCrunch report notes that Facebook Messenger will have some of these features but they will be hidden from the user’s view.

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The new Messenger interface features a two-tabbed design at the bottom: one tab for “People” and another tab for “Chats.”

The Chats tab will show all of your active Messenger threads, but the “People” tab will show a list of currently active friends, as well as Stories. The full-screen emphasis on Stories comes as Facebook continues to ramp up its efforts against Snapchat.

The Stories format has proven popular on Instagram, and Facebook seemingly wants to replicate that success in Messenger.

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