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Battleground Mobile India: Best Gun Combo for TDM Mode



Battleground Mobile India: Best Gun Combo for TDM Mode

Team Deathmatch (TDM) is the best mode ever released in Battleground Mobile India. In Team Death Match having a good weapon, combo is vital to winning.

M24 + Skorpion: It has great range and power and can be super effective in the hand of someone with good aim. The M24 can end enemies with 2-3 shots or instantly kill with a headshot. Remember to use the 4x scope, as the TDM mode map is small.

Groza + Desert Eagle: Groza is a rare AR that can only be found in airdrops in BR mode. In TDM, it is just as strong – players like to use the Groza for its fast fire rate and damage per bullet, which results in very high DPS.

The best part about the Desert Eagle is its damage – the gun is so powerful it can take down a Spetsnaz Helmet (Level 3) in 2 headshots in an instant.

M762 + Skorpion: The M762 is a versatile assault rifle with more attachment points than the AKM, on par with the SCAR-L. While its base damage is lower than the AK, its fire rate makes up for that, allows the M762 to surpass the AK in damage.

AUG A3 + Skorpion: The AUG A3 is an air drop-only weapon similar to the Groza, and it is just as strong as the Groza in TDM mode. Overall, the AUG’s exceptional handling and high muzzle velocity make its shots highly accurate. When equipped with a compensator and foregrip, the AUG has slightly more overall stability compared to an equally equipped M416.

UZI + Deagle: This is the go-to combo if you like to fight close and personal. The Micro UZI is the lightest submachine gun in the game, which allows you to move around much faster. While it deals the least damage out of all the SMGs, the UZI made up for that with stability and ease of control


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