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Battlegrounds Mobile India: 5 Tips and Tricks to land faster in BGMI



Battlegrounds Mobile India 5 Tips and Tricks to land faster in BGMI

Players will get advantages if they landing fast in Battlegrounds Mobile India, especially in hot-drop locations.

Drop Location Select: Players should choose the best place to the land which is about 800 meters from the flight path. Players can mark that location on the minimap and it will show you the distance to that spot. When the distance is about 800m, jump out of the plane.

The distance of jumping varies in different maps so you should follow- Miramar and Erangel(750-850m), Sanhok and Vikendi(750-800m), Livik(400-450m), and Karakin(350m)

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Drag The Joystick: After the drop, drag the joystick at a 45 or 135-degree angle upwards. Players need to make sure that the drop location is on your top left corner or the phone screen.

Parachute Opens Automatically: After the parachute opened automatically when your altitude reaches 300m, drag your joystick at a 135-degree angle and move it to a 90-degree angle. Don’t remove your finger out of the joystick and the phone screen or your speed will reduce.

Cancel Landing Animation: To cancel the landing animation and land faster in BGMI, you only need to tap the punch button right when your feet touch the ground. Then, you can run and go to loot immediately. In this shooting game, having weapons before enemies can help you survive in hot-drop locations.

Land On Remote Places: Jump when the wing of the plane aligns with the marked location on the minimap. Drag the joystick at a 90-degree angle upwards. Drag your aim upwards so that your camera faces the sky.


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