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BGMI Update: Krafton will ban devices of cheaters, Check Complete Details



BGMI Update Krafton will ban devices of cheaters, Check Complete Details

BGMI Update: Krafton has announced that it will now start banning devices used by players to cheat in its popular battle royale game, Battlegrounds Mobile India (BGMI).

With this change in policy, the developers have stated that they will ban devices running software that helps gamers cheat.

Under the new policy, the devices will be banned permanently, unlike the older policy of sanctioning the offending account.

The company shared the details of the new ban policy via an official blog post on the game’s website.

According to the post, “If the use of illegal programs is detected with a mobile device by the newly applied security logic, the device will be permanently banned from using BGMI.” To recall, earlier the company only banned the player accounts when they were found cheating.

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“Up until now sanctions were given only to the accounts, but now the mobile devices will be banned as well, making fair gameplay far more effective,” it added.

Apart from this, Krafton recently announced that it banned approximately one lakh BGMI accounts permanently for cheating in a six-day time frame.

The new policy update will make it much more difficult for cheaters to return to the game. Considering that when an account is banned, the offender can bypass it by creating additional accounts on the same device. However, a device ban will be much more difficult to bypass.

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The company has not revealed how it will be implementing the new policy. However, we expect it to either use the device ID to implement the ban or the IP address of the device.

To recall, Krafton has been quite vocal about its stand on cheating. It has even said that it strives to implement strong sanctions inside of the game to promote fair play.

It has the ultimate goal of eradicating the use of illegal programs to provide players with a pleasant gaming environment.

Some other actions taken by the company against cheating include preventing players from running PUBG: New State on devices with Developer options enabled.

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