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BGMI vs Free Fire: Which is The Better Battle Royale To Play; Key Difference



BGMI vs Free Fire Which is The Better Battle Royale To Play; Key Difference

BGMI vs Free Fire: Before 2017, online multiplayer games are meant only for gaming consoles and PC. But after 2017, numerous gaming company has launched online battlegrounds multiplayer games for smartphones.

It has completely changed the course of gaming to another level. Some of the popular online battlegrounds games are PUBG Mobile, Call of Duty, Battlegrounds Mobile India, Free Fire, Fortnite, etc.

In India, PUBG Mobile global version has been banned and has been relaunched as Battlegrounds Mobile India (BGMI). So let’s see the comparison between BGMI vs Free Fire in the upcoming article.

Both games are leading the charts in India – while they might seem to be the same at first glance, there are various differences that make them stand out to different audiences. Free Fire OB32 Leaks: New Turtle Pet Who Can Reduce Incoming From The Back

BGMI vs Free Fire: Graphics

BGMI is just a cloned version of the PUBG Mobile version, and it does not have many changes from the older version. Speaking of Graphics, BGMI offers the best in class graphics which make every character, game location, and everything more realistic than any other game.

Free Fire on the other hand offers good graphics but compared to Battlegrounds Mobile India, it looks more Animated and cartoonized. This graphics is much loved by kids and young players but adult gamers may find it more boring and unrealistic.

In-game Lobby and Spaw Island:

Free Fire Max in-game lobby comes with a 360-degree vision, but the BGMI’s lobby is nothing alike to it. It comes with a 2D lobby. Moreover, Free Fire loads faster than BGMI.

Spawn Island is nothing but a place where players are spawned when they have started a match and after a time limit, they will be boarded on the Aeroplane. Free Fire Max’s spawn island and BGMI’s one are completely different but are super attractive. Each looks pretty good in its own way.

BGMI vs Free Fire: Vehicles

BGMI offers a wide collection of vehicle types for making transportation possible across the map. FF or FF max offers limited vehicle types and players cannot travel through water by boats.

But, in PUBG Mobile, players can travel on land as well as on water. A wide variety of vehicles types like Buggy, Dacia, Motorcycle, and other map-exclusive vehicles are present in PUBG. Thus BGMI or PUBG Mobile has the edge in almost all terms.

BGMI vs Free Fire: Gameplay

Battlegrounds Mobile India has amazing gameplay with lots of physics, detail, sound, movements, strategies, and more combined. The creator has worked a lot to bring out the best gameplay experience in a more realistic way.

Free Fire offers overall good gameplay, but there is not lot of physic and details involved. Also, the animated character is very much good but speaking of in-depth details the game needs to improve a lot more.

Free Fire OB32 Leaks: New Turtle Pet Who Can Reduce Incoming From The Back

BGMI vs Free Fire: Gunplay

Free Fire’s gunplay is somewhat easier. With the use of Aim assist, even casual players who don’t play shooters on phone would be able to get into the game. BGMI, on the other hand, is more realistic and complex, with heavy recoil that requires users to drag their crosshairs.

BGMI vs Free Fire: Storage

The Indian version of BGMI weighs about 710 MB which is a lot less than the older PUBG Mobile. Apart from these, there are lots of things that need to be downloaded like resource pack, sound pack, etc., within the game, or else you can have a full gaming experience in BGMI. Overall, BGMI storage is around 8 GB.

Free Fire is light weighted and does not consume lots of storage space on your device. It is just 500 MB from the Play store and after downloading all the resources packs, it may weigh around 2 GB which is a lot less when compared to BGMI. If you have less storage and a low-end device, Free Fire is the best choice.



  • RAM – 2GB (minimum)
  • Android – 5.1.1 or above
  • Storage – 4GB (minimum)

Free Fire:

  • RAM – 1GB (minimum)
  • Android – Android 4.4 or above
  • Storage – 1.5GB (minimum)

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