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Call of Duty: Mobile new Gun Game mode has arrived



Call of Duty: Mobile new Gun Game mode has arrived

Activision has introduced a classic Call of Duty game mode to the new version of the franchise. The Gun Game is now available as a limited-time mode.

According to Mr. Ghost Gaming on YouTube, we are set to get a lot of new characters, weapon skins, vehicle skins, and emotes in the upcoming update. Some of these guns will have some really interesting features according to the video that showcases it.

Gun Game will be playable for 31 days, pitting 10 players against each other. The goal of the mode is to reach 200 points or 20 kills -each kill grants 10 points. After every kill, your weapon automatically switches, so you can not use any standard loadouts in this mode.

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You have to fight your way to 200 points with each kill coming from a different weapon, including shotguns, sniper rifles and even the rocket launcher. The last kill is the toughest because players are required to get it with a knife.

A upcoming M4 guns skins will apparently lock on to enemies, while another sniper rifle will be able to shoot heat tracking bullets. There is even mention if dynamic armor item in the game.

We might finally see Captain Price in the game along with a bunch of other characters which the players have been expecting for a while now.

Players will be getting new skins for boats, helicopters, and the DRV vehicle. We will be getting Halloween themed baskpacks and weapon skin as well. AS for th emotes, there are 35 new emotes that might be added to the game. These could be added to Call of Duty: Mobile with the next update that we numbered to be the 1.0.9.

Call of Duty now has two solo, limited-time modes. The free-for-all mode was unveiled on Oct. 11 and till be available until Oct 18.

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