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Call of Duty Mobile Season 10 Update Bring New Map, New Operator Skill, Weapon and more



Call of Duty Mobile Season 10 Update Bring Adds, News Map, Operator Skill, Weapon and more

Call of Duty: Mobile Season 10 update is rolling out with a new character, new modes, new maps and more.

New Operator Skill: Players get access to new Operator Skill called the Equalizer. Players will be equipped with two SMGs with integrated suppressors. new Operator Skill will be unlocked when the player reaches Tier 14 in the battle pass.

New Maps: The new map is based on the infamous No Russian mission from the game and offers players a mix of different situations and varieties of combat. There is also the Pine map that will be exclusive to Gunfight and 1v1 matches.

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New Weapon: A new weapon called Echo shotgun offers a fully automatic rate of fire. It also offers a greater range with much faster reload time. It will be unlocked when players reach Tier 21 int he battle pass.

New battle Royale Class: A new class called hacker, which comes with two abilities, namely Ice Pick and Hard Wierd.

  • Ice Pick: It blocks out the minimap of nearby players and makes it difficult for enemies to use their abilities.
  • Hard Wired: It blocks the enemy’s ability to negatively affect the player’s minimap.

New Modes: The new mode task players with capturing locations on the map to earn points for their team.
Once the headquarters is captured, players from that team will not respawn till their team loses the headquarters.

There is also a new Hardcore Mode that available for players. This mode is aimed at players who want a greater challenge. This mode features reduced HUD and health.

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