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FAU-G Game: an alternative to PUBG announced in India, release soon



FAU-G Game: an alternative to PUBG announced in India, release soon

The Indian government yesterday announced a ban on 118 Chinese apps, which also include the popular mobile title called PUBG Mobile.

The government’s recent ban on the mobile game has left many players looking for an equally good alternative.

Choosing Bollywood superstar Akshay Kumar as its brand ambassador, nCore Games has come with FAU-G.

What we know so far is that this ‘proposed’ PUBG Mobile alternative FAU-G or ‘Fearless And United Guards’ have only been announced and may take some time to reach the app stores.

The title is being developed by nCORE Games and is announced by Vishal Goindal, CEO of GOQii. He also sold his gaming business to Display for around $100million back in 2012.

Akshay Kumar says that 20 percent of the game’s revenues will be directed to the Bharat Ke Veer trust. Hence, if you make any purchase in-game, part of your payment will help the government’s soldiers trust.

The developer hasn’t stated which platforms will the game be available on. It seems that it will launch initially on Android and then move to iOS.

There’s no hint on the gameplay details, graphics and compatibility yet.

Meanwhile, if you have downloaded PUBG, it can still be played. The next possible step for this ban process to complete is for Internet Service Providers to block access to PUBG Mobile in India.

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