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Find the door to unlock task solution: Garena Free Fire Guide



Find the door to unlock task solution: Garena Free Fire Guide

The calendar for “Moco: Rebirth” was revealed by developers, and the awakened version of the character is set to be released.

As part of Moco: Rebirth, numerous events have also made their way to the title, one of them being “The Puzzle/Moco Puzzle”.

In the event, gamers need to complete specific tasks to get the rewards. However, many users are confused about one of the tasks. The following is a guide for the same.

Find the door to unlock’ task in Free Fire

When the task appears on the screen, they need to tap on the letters “D O O R” (They must tap on O twice).

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Upon doing so, they will be led to the next task, i.e., to enter a password. Subsequently, players can complete all the other tasks and get rewards.

Clicking here will take the players to a detailed guide on the Moco Puzzle event, where gamers will be able to find answers to all other questions.

Once they have completed the missions, they will be eligible to claim the two available rewards – the Moco Month banner and Turquoise Warning avatar in Free Fire.

Apart from the Moco Puzzle, several other events are set to take place as part of Moco: Rebirth:

  • Free Moco’s Swing (September 6 to September 13)
  • Daily Login (September 10 to September 26)
  • Coder’s Crib (September 10 to September 26)
  • Moco’s Challenge (September 12 to September 21)
  • Moco’s Pan Login (September 12 to September 23)
  • Moco Jump (September 15 to September 26)
  • 18 Sep Login (September 18)
  • Playtime on 18 Sep (September 18)
  • Peak Day Double Drop (September 18)
  • Play Stronghold Mode (September 18 to September 22)


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