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Fortnite: How to get Aquaman’s Arthur Curry version?



Fortnite: How to get Aquaman's Arthur Curry version?

Fortnite gamers have worked hard over the past few weeks to unlock the two Aquaman skins.

The final week 5 challenge(s) were leaked ahead of time and users were finally able to get their hands on the coveted Fortnite skins.

The first challenge was to claim the Trident at Coral Cove, which is pretty straightforward.

You can follow the video below to complete it. The video was posted by InTheLittleWood on YouTube.

completing the mission will only unlock the normal golden skin version of Aquaman.

In order to unlock the shirtless Arther Curry version, you have to complete the second Week-5 Aquaman challenge.

How to get shirtless Aquaman skin?

Dive over the waterfall at Gorgeous Gorge wearing the Aquaman skin.

your character will automatically change into the Arther Curry version of Aquaman.

Completing the first challenge will also unlock the majestic Aquaman trident as a harvesting tool in your inventory, and the same is required to unlock the Arthur Curry version.

The Battle Pass not only allows you to gain free V-bucks but also unlocks the Aquaman challenges that you need to complete in order to gain both the variants of the skin.

Source: sportskeeda

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