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Free Fire: How to Get The Sledge Bundle And The Gingerbread Man Bundle Now



Free Fire How to Get The Sledge Bundle And The Gingerbread Man Bundle Now

Free Fire: Free Fire is currently in the New Age winter events to prepare for the upcoming new year. In the latest Faded Wheel in Free Fire, they feature 2 Grand Prizes, which are the Sledge bundle and the Gingerbread Man bundle.

The Faded Wheel in Free Fire is a special lucky spin in the Luck Royale. It often appears for a short duration and has a smaller prize pool.

Free Fire new Faded Wheel features a lot of new skins apart from the 2 Grand Prizes. The Sledge bundle contains the Winterland Sledge Skywing and the Goodies Time emote.

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Here are the details about the prizes in the new Faded Wheel:

  • Sledge Bundle
  • Winterlands Backpack
  • The Deer and the Bell
  • Reindeer’s Snow board
  • The Gingerman Avatar
  • Cube Fragment
  • Elf, Old Man, and the Elk parachute
  • Winterlands Loot Box
  • Gingerbread Man Bundle
  • Pet skin: Snow Panther

The spinning costs in the Faded Wheel start from 9 Diamonds and increase after each spin. The Diamond costs of the spins are 9, 19, 39, 69, 99, 149, 199, 499 respectively.

At the start, you can remove 2 unwanted prizes from the pool (except for the Grand Prizes) to have more chance of getting the prize you want.

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Prizes you already obtained will not be repeated. That means you are guaranteed to get all the rewards after 8 spins.


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