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Free Fire MAX: 5 Best Characters That You Can Buy With Gold 2022



Free Fire MAX 5 Best Characters That You Can Buy With Gold 2022

Free Fire MAX: Garena’s mobile battle royale title Free Fire is among the most downloaded title in the Google Play Store.

The Free Fire character roster is one of the most diverse characters rosters on the mobile battle royale genre.

However, a lot of good characters can only be bought with diamonds, which limits free-to-play players greatly.

Characters can either be bought using diamonds or from gold.

5 best characters in Free Fire MAX that you can buy with gold:


Hayato allows to bypass armor and inflicts maximum damage. With every 10% decrease in HP, the user deals 10% armor penetration damage.

The character also has an awakening and comes at the price of 6000 Gold at the in-game store.


Xayne is one of the newer characters in Free Fire and she also possesses quite a unique ability. Her ability gives her temporarily 80 HP instantly and 130% bonus damage against Gloo Walls for 15 seconds.

This ability can help you turn the table in near-death situations with the instant 80 HP buff, plus the damage bonus to destroy Gloo Walls quickly.


Jota’s ability has become much more popular ever since its change. The skill now allows the user to gain some extra HP in a fight when dealing damage to enemies.

Furthermore, after a kill, players would get an extra 20% maximum health as healing.


While Jai has been removed from Free Fire, players can still acquire his skill by purchasing the Jai Microchip using gold.

It unlocks the Raging Reload skill that allows players to partly refill their gun after taking down an opponent.


Maro is among the most popular character from the Free Fire roster. The character’s in-game passive ability is called ‘Falcon Fervor‘.

Maro will give more damage to the ones that are in distant places. Both combos will help in bringing down the enemy faster in long-range.