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Free Fire New Mini UZI Phoenix Knight Weapon Royale: Check Details



Free Fire New Mini UZI Phoenix Knight Weapon Royale

Free Fire New Mini UZI Phoenix Knight Weapon Royale: Free Fire, The Weapon Royale is one of the suitable places for users to get strong weapon skins. It is a lucky spin in the Luck Royale in Free Fire that reset its grand prize every month.

A new Weapon Royale has just hit free fire bringing the new Mini UZI Phoenix Knight skin as the grand prize.

Users can spin the Weapon Royale using Weapon Royale Voucher or Diamonds. Each spin will cost 40 Diamonds. Tecno Pova 5G will launch in India soon

Players can also spin 11 times at once for 400 diamonds. It will save quite a lot of Diamonds if the user really wants to get the Grand Prize. Top 5 Best Collaboration Skins in Free Fire

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The small magazine of the Mini UZI is its biggest weakness, preventing you from taking down the enemy before running out of ammo. How to Transport Villager and Mobs in Minecraft 1.18

With the Magazine buff from this skin, that problem is no longer too serious. The addition Reload Speed is kind of helpful while the Accuracy reduction doesn’t affect anything at all.

Other than the Mini UZI Phoenix Knight skin Grand Prize, players can also get different rare weapon skin from this Mini UZI Phoenix Knight Weapon Royale in Free Fire:

Urban Rager SKS, SPAS12, AK47
Imperial Rome FAMAS, Kar98, MP5, AK47
Bumblebee SKS, SPAS12, MP5, AK47
Pharaoh Groza, SPAS12, M1014, AK4


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