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Free Fire: Top 5 Best Collaboration Skins in Free Fire



Top 5 Best Collaboration Skins in Free Fire

Top 5 Best Collaboration Skins in Free Fire: Collaboration is one of the major ways Garena Adds new skins to Free Fire. They have added a decent number of collabs featuring many collectibles and skins. Most of them are exclusive items that can only be acquired via collabs.

Victory Charge Gloo Wall:

This skin is part of the Free Fire × McLaren event in July. It is a special high tech Gloo Wall carrying the color of McLaren: blue, black and gold. Overall, the Victory Gloo Wall is one of the most flashy items yet, with the two wheels on its surface glowing blue.

Furinkazan AWM:

Right before the McLaren collab was the Free Fire x Street Fighter V collab. It was the first time Free Fire ever collaborated with a fighting videogame. This AWM skin looks absolutely fabulous, with a futuristic design of red and silver, alongside blue particle effects.

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One-Punch Man M1887:

One-Punch Man M1887 was the first collaboration of 2021, bringing a lot of OPM themed items into Free Fire. Amongst them, the OPM M1887 skin is probably the best. It is super well designed, with the whole body of the weapon turning into an OPM logo of red and yellow.

Gold Vault Gloo Wall:

The recent Money heist collaboration is the final time Free Fire collaborate with this show, and because of that, it brings some of the best items yet. The Vault skin is literally shaped after a bank vault’s door, with golden details and the LCDP initials on top of it.

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Venom backpack:

Venom 2: Let There Be Carnage opened back in October, and alongside it, the movie producer has decided to run a collaboration with Free Fire. Players were able to get a lot of venom themed items, with the best being the Venom backpack, which has 4 mechanical legs. The best part is that it was a free reward that players could unlock by logging in to Free Fire.

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