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How to Get better at Minecraft Combat: Here are 5 Tips & Tricks



How to Get better at Minecraft Combat: Here are 5 Tips & Tricks

Combat is a important aspect in Minecraft wether it’s killing creepers for gunpower, fighting other in PvP, or defeating the Ender Dragon.

Some players think comabt in Minecraft is just spamming the attack button, they coud not be more wrong.

In harder difficulties, even the best players could get killed if they are not careful.

Know your enemy:

There are 25 hostile mobd in Minecraft. While the majority of them are not that hard, you need to remember the most dangerous mobs such as Enderman, Ravager, Evoker, Creeper or Piglin Brutes.

Take advantage of sprint, jump and strafe: If you are in mid-air when the attack hit, it would become a critical hit, creating a star-like particle effect.

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Try to combo your opponent by sprint hit to create knockback hit, alongside using various other movement methods like strafing. Try to chain Knockback so that they can’t hit you back.

Use ranged weapons like bow or crossbow:

Minecraft ranged weapons are harder to use and require ammunition, they can let you blaze through levels with minimal risks.

The best way to deal with this problem is to enchant the bow with Infinity so that you don’t have to get arrows for it. Crossbows compared to bows are nearly the same but more powerful.


Getting enough enchantments for your weapons and armors would help a lot when you are trying to conquer the world of Minecraft. Try to get multiple enchantments for sword and the best enchantments for armor before venturing into hard zones like Nether or End.

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TNT or Beds:

Players can blow powerful enemies up with TNT, as it deals up to 15 hearts worth of damage to all enemies in range. Using them in combat is pretty straightforward – you can just aggro enemies toward it then try to run outside the blast radius.


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