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Manhunt Themed Arcade game might be coming to GTA online soon



Manhunt Themed Arcade game might be coming to GTA online soon

GTA Online continues to be a going concern with the latest update, the Cayo Perico Heist.

You’ll need 2.2 million GTA$ to buy a submarine in order to access El Rubio’s island, a drug lord who doesn’t particularly like to share, judging by the number of armed guards in his employ.

But if you can’t afford to sneak your way into a drug baron’s personal fiefdom, then at least you’ll be able to replay Manhunt in a virtual arcade machine.

Dataminer @GypsttheScumbag was the first to find assets for an unreleased Arcade game hidden in the files of the most recent update.

Gypsy posted a model for a Manhunt arcade machine, while YouTuber TheNathanNS posted more images showing placeholder assets, file names, and a model for a revolver.

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In case you weren’t around in the early 2000s, Manhunt was a stealth-based survival game made by Rockstar for the PS2.

According to the Chicago Tribune, Manhunt was “the most violent video game ever made.” The big deal here was the executions performed by the main character, and even though he mostly killed violent criminals

The graphic violence gained Manhunt a cult following and an eventual sequel in 2007, but that was more of a psychological horror game than a stealth game.

Manhunt never really rose to the prominence of GTA or Red Dead Redemption. But Rockstar likes to get nostalgic as much as anyone else, so we can’t really blame them for wanting to put a Manhunt arcade machine in GTA Online.

Given the assets presented, it’ll probably turn out to be a rail shooter and not a faithful port of the game as with Doom Eternal’s original Doom.

And that’s a good thing given how much space GTA Online already demands of its players’ hard drives.

Source: TheGamer

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