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PUBG 8.1 Update Is Now Available On PC with Major Changes to Sanhok Map, Loot Truck, and More



PUBG 8.1 Update Is Now Available On PC with Major Changes to Sanhok Map, Loot Truck, and More

PUBG PC and console got its 8.1 update that brings a patched up Sanhok map, a plunder truck, a refreshed Survivor Pass, and a few other interactivity upgrades.

Sanhok, which is the smallest map in PUBG, has been patched up with territory changes, reworked areas like Ruins, Gateway (previously Docks), and Airfield (previously Mongnai), along with several other areas.

The new 8.1 update brings a ranked season, sound changes, execution upgrades.

PUBG 8.1 Update Key highlighted and changes:

PUBG developer has previously shared patch notes for the 8.1 updates with all the major changes through a post on Reddit.

These changes are live in the standard PC and console version of PUBG

Sanhok revamped: Highlighted Key zones of the guide have been remastered. This area included Bootcamp, Quarry, Airfield, Getaway, Ruins, Mountains, cave, rivers, Pai Nan/ Khao / Sahmee/ Kampong, and Bhan.

Loot Truck: Trucks generate in various carports around the guide and drive through with little or huge lootable holders. When destroyed, the truck drops top tier loot including exclusive weapon loot. The trucks are only available in non-ranked matches.

Gameplay changes: Gas would improve be able to permit players to prepare Gas Cans in the skirmish weapon space, the blasts have been changed, fuel can be spilt and set ablaze, and the Gas Can likewise be tossed. There are a few matchmaking changes in the NA, SA, OC districts.

Survivor Pass: The Survivor Pass has been refreshed with the new Season 8 and brings strategic modifications, included test missions, changes in season missions, and Survivor Pass XP changes.

Season 8 changes: The ranks have been reset and Vikendi has been added to the ranked match set. The rule set for ranked matches has also been changed. The Survival mastery XP available per match is now set to 1500XP.

Other changes: PUBG 8.1 update brings performance improvements by optimising unnecessary processes, reduced hitching during icon loading, physical objects have been optimised to improve CPU performance and more.

Footsteps sounds have been remastered for better positional accuracy.

There are also some UI changes, social changes, and bug fixes.

Source: NDTV

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