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PUBG Mobile 2.0 Tips and Tricks for Chicken Dinner



PUBG Mobile 2.0 Tips and Tricks for Chicken Dinner-

PUBG Mobile 2.0 Tips and Tricks for Chicken Dinner: PUBG Mobile 2.0 has many exciting features and cool myths. Some of the myths are useful to get Chicken Dinner while others are just for fun. Below we are providing some tips and tricks to get chicken dinner.

Motor Teleported:

During riding a motorbike at the maximum speed and hitting the wall. The bike will be stuck in the wall, half of the bike is inside the house while the other half is outside. It sounds weird but PUBG Mobile players will be teleported into the house when crashing into the wall at high speed.

Spot Enemies Underwater:

You can totally spot an enemy with HDR Ultra Graphics. The water will become totally transparent for you to see players and enemies underwater. It’s an amazing trick for players with high-end devices to get more kills.

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But keep in mind that it only works on high-end devices. If you use this graphics setting on low-end devices, it will cause lag and make your gaming experience worse. That’s only the advantage of high-end device players.

Shoot Enemies Underwater:

With HDR Ultra Graphics, players can spot enemies underwater to shoot them. But the water gives players inside it 50% protection because bullets move slowlier in the water than normal. Therefore, you need double bullets to take them down.

Emergency Pickup Spawn:

PUBG Mobile 2.0 has introduced a new item called Emergency Pickup for players to move into the safe zone quickly. Therefore, you can only find this item outside the circle. Players cannot pick up this emergency kit when they stay inside the white circle. So, don’t waste your time seeking it inside the Play Zone.

TDM Backpack:

In the TDM mode, the level-2 backpack has a larger storage capacity than that of a normal level-3 backpack. In the TDM mode, a level-2 backpack has a large capacity of 600. Players cannot choose the backpack but they receive a backpack that looks like a level-2 backpack.

Emergency Pickup Using:

Players cannot use the Emergency Pickup inside houses or on the balcony. But they can open it on the rooftop of the squad house or top floor of a building. It’s safer to use this kit in these places than in an open space because you can lie down and avoid being spotted and shot while waiting for the kid ready.

Blue Zone In Core Circle:

The new Core Circle mode has a new interesting gameplay. More than that, you can find another blue zone inside the blue zone. But you can only find the second blue zone when you go into the first blue zone. If you are inside the second blue zone, you will get really high damage because you take double damage.

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