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PUBG Mobile 4x Scope Sensitivity Settings, Pro Tips, And Completed Guide



PUBG Mobile 4x Scope Sensitivity Settings, Pro Tips, And Completed Guide

PUBG Mobile 4x scope sensitivity will affect your gameplay and match result a bit. Therefore, you should have the correct setting for 4x scope and based on the strategies and roles.

You can attack 4x scope to almost all submachine guns, all assault rifles, designed marksman rifles, light machine guns, and sniper rifles.

The recommended 4x scope sensitivity for assaulters in PUBG Mobile is from 15 to 18% in the camera settings.

The best 4x/VSS scope sensitivity for ADS is from 25 to 30%. Besides, if you are a gyro player, leave the sensitivity of the 4x/VSS scope at 50 to 55%.

When you open 4x scope to aim, this scope will cover all your screen. Therefore, you shouldn’t leave the sensitivity of this mid-range scope too high because your screen will shake a lot when you switch on and off the scope or change between targets.

If you cannot find a 6x and 8x scope to attach to the sniper rifles and deal with long-range targets, you can use a 4x scope instead.

With a good scope sensitivity setting, this scope can help you spot, aim, and shoot accurately to take the target down.

The recommended 4x scope sensitivity is from 20 to 30% for the camera, 20 to 25% for ADS, and 75 to 80% for the gyroscope.

This scope attachment is most effective in mid and long-range combat. Its 4x magnification helps you see the enemies clearer in long-range combat.

4x scope is a popular attachment that is easy to find in PUBG Mobile. Moreover, players can use it for mid and long-range combat. It’s also more difficult to use than other scopes in this shooting game.

Best Guns To Use With 4x Scope:

DP-28: This light machine gun is very stable and powerful in mid-range combat. It’s easy to control in both full-auto and burst fire modes. Therefore, you won’t have the problem of screen shaking when shooting with 4s scope

M16A4: This assault rifle is also a stable weapon with two fire modes, including single and burst. The recommended 4x sensitivity is 10 to 15% for non-gyro players and 200 to 230% for gyro players.

M416: It’s one of the most stable assault rifles to spray bullets in mid-range combat with a 4x scope. The recommended 4x sensitivity is 12 to 20% for non-gyro players and 180 to 240% for gyro players.

SLR, Mini-14, and SLR: 4x scope is a highly recommended attachment for these Designed Marksman Rifles. There are some marks for different ranges on this scope to players to adjust the aim when you use it for Mini-14. Therefore, the combination of Mini-14 and 4x scope is a favourite combo of a lot of pro players.

Source: GuruGamer

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