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PUBG Mobile 5 main features added in 0.13.0 update: What’s News



PUBG Mobile 5 main features added in 0.13.0 update: What's News


PlayerUnknown’s Battelgrounds has announced an update 0.13.0 which was introduced on June 11 by the Tencent Games. It brings in a bunch of new 5 main features including a new team deathmatch mode, Changes to Survive Till Dawn zombies mode, a Godzilla theme courtesy the new partnership with Godzilla 2: King of the Monsters and improved game controls.

The theme is introduced as part of a collaboration between Godzilla: King of Monster, and PUBG Mobile. And features a new third party anti-cheat system, achievement challenges, and new social features.

The new update brings few new additions and changes to the game. if you have not updated, just head to the Google player store (1.98GB ) and Apple Play Store (2.45GB).

Here are the top 5 main feature of the latest Mobile update 0.13.0:

Zombie Mode Updates:

Both the Survive Till Dawn and Darkest Night modes has updated where certain zombies. Now have new abilities like Tanks will empower nearby allies and skinners can slow nearby players.

Old Zombies have been replaced by 4 types of new zombies Liquid Nitrogen Grenades now leaves behind a cloud of freezing smoke on the ground for a long time period after explosion. All units that pass through will move at a slower speed. Zombies with Tank ability can now enhances nearby zombies.

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Godzilla Theme:

A new theme introduced PUBG Mobile has partnered with Godzilla 2: King of Monsters along with several inventory including clothes, skins and game theme which can select from inventory section.

Team Deathmatch:

In new Deathmatch, two squads of four players each, fight each other in a small area with standard deathmatch rules. The first squads to achieve 40 points wins the games.

Control of TPP & FPP:

A new update for controlling the settings for FPP & TPP. This setting corresponds to the First person Perspective and Third Person Perspective. Both the setting have separately.

Crew Challenge Update:

Crew challenge Qualify rounds has been expanded to 6 qualifying matches every day up from 5. Each squad can participate up to 3 matches per day, up from 2. Each squad is allowed to participate a total of 18 qualifying matches, up from 12. And a new items have been added to the Crew Shop.

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